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CTAN submission – skak version 1.0 - chess typeseting the easy way

Date: June 5, 2002 9:58:02 AM CEST
----- Forwarded message from Torben Hoffmann ----- Upload: skak2.zip Node: ftp.dante.de Where to go: replace the old skak package in fonts/skak Licensing conditions: LPPL (Latex Project Public Licence) This software is copyright but you are granted a license which gives you, the ``user'' of the software, legal permission to copy, distribute, and/or modify the software. However, if you modify the software and then distribute it (even just locally) you must change the name of the software to avoid confusion. Summary: This is version 1.0 of the skak package - it differs from the earlier non-numbered releases in the following aspects: 1. The documentation has been split into three documents: * A short user guide. * An example of how to use the skak package. * A reference manual listing all available commands. 2. Some minor bugs have been removed - thanks to all that have contacted me regarding these subtle errors. Best regards and happy chess typesetting. /Torben ----- End forwarded message ----- Thanks for the upload. I installed it as suggested replacing the old version in CTAN:/tex-archive/fonts/skak/ Reinhard Zierke for the CTAN team

skak – Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games

This package provides macros and fonts in format which can be used to typeset chess games using PGN, and to show diagrams of the current board in a document. The package builds on work by Piet Tutelaers — the main novelty is the use of PGN for input instead of the more cumbersome coordinate notation (g1f3 becomes the more readable Nf3 in PGN).

An Adobe Type 1 implementation of skak's fonts is available as package skaknew; an alternative chess notational scheme is available in package texmate, and a general mechanism for selecting chess fonts is provided in chessfss.

MaintainerTorben Hoffmann



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