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acroflex – Create a graphing widget in a PDF file

The acroflex package is part of the AeB Pro family of packages. It is a package that creates a graphing screen using the rmannot package. The user can type in functions and graph them. A graphing screen can be populated with pre-packaged functions for the user to scrutinize and interact with. The package can graph functions of a single variable x, a pair of parametric equations that are functions of t, and a polar function of t.

The graphing screen is a rich media annotation what uses a specially developed SWF file, called the AcroFLeX Graphing widget. This package takes advantage of rich media annotations, which is a version 9 feature of Acrobat. This package requires Acrobat Pro and Distiller version 9. The user needs to use Adobe Reader 9.0 in order to obtain the graphing functionality.

This package has become obsolete as of December 2020. Since December 2020, Adobe no longer supports Flash player (SWF, FLV). This package uses a custom SWF file (acroflex.swf); as a result this package will no longer function in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The package will continue to produce PDFs as designed, but only if built using Acrobat XI (or a version Acrobat prior to December 2020) and viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader XI (or a version of Reader prior to December 2020).

Version1.7 2020-08-07
Copyright2008–2016 D. P. Story
MaintainerDonald P. Story (deceased)

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