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CTAN Mark­down: Links

Links can be given by en­clos­ing them in square brack­ets. The URL in brack­ets is used both for the link and the text to be shown.


Links may have text and URl sep­a­rated. En­close the text in square brack­ets fol­lowed by the URL in paren­the­ses.


Fi­nally the ti­tle can be spec­i­fied by ap­pend­ing it to the URL in the paren­the­ses en­closed in sin­gle quotes or dou­ble quotes.

  [text](url "title")
  [text](url 'title')  


You can de­fine short­cuts for URLs to be used some­where else. To use the ref­er­ence ap­pend it to the text of the link both in square brack­ets.


The def­i­ni­tion of a ref­er­ence is given by fol­low­ing the ref name in square brack­ets by a colon and the URL. Op­tion­ally the ti­tle can fol­low if it is en­closed in sin­gle quotes or in dou­ble quotes.

  [ref]: url
  [ref]: url "title"
  [ref]: url 'title'  

Note that ref­er­ence def­i­ni­tions are not ren­dered. They are ex­panded in-line.


URLs start­ing with http://, https://, ftp://, irc://, or mailto: are au­to­mat­i­cally trans­lated into a link.

  abc http://www.tug.org
  def https://www.ctan.org
  ghi mailto:webmaster@ctan.org jkl 

Link Short­cuts

Ab­so­lute URLs can be en­closed in <...> to be ren­dered as URLs. This means that the pro­to­col has to be spec­i­fied and rel­a­tive URLs are not sup­ported.

  abc <http://www.tug.org>
  def <https://www.ctan.org>
  ghi <mailto:webmaster@ctan.org> jkl 

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