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CTAN Markdown: Links

Links can be given by enclosing them in square brackets. The URL in brackets is used both for the link and the text to be shown.


Links may have text and URl separated. Enclose the text in square brackets followed by the URL in parentheses.


Finally the title can be specified by appending it to the URL in the parentheses enclosed in single quotes or double quotes.

  [text](url "title")
  [text](url 'title')  


You can define shortcuts for URLs to be used somewhere else. To use the reference append it to the text of the link both in square brackets.


The definition of a reference is given by following the ref name in square brackets by a colon and the URL. Optionally the title can follow if it is enclosed in single quotes or in double quotes.

  [ref]: url
  [ref]: url "title"
  [ref]: url 'title'  

Note that reference definitions are not rendered. They are expanded in-line.


URLs starting with http://, https://, ftp://, irc://, or mailto: are automatically translated into a link.

  abc http://www.tug.org
  def https://www.ctan.org
  ghi mailto:webmaster@ctan.org jkl 

Link Shortcuts

Absolute URLs can be enclosed in <...> to be rendered as URLs. This means that the protocol has to be specified and relative URLs are not supported.

  abc <http://www.tug.org>
  def <https://www.ctan.org>
  ghi <mailto:webmaster@ctan.org> jkl 

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