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		      Chess fonts and a chess style
                       (Version 1.2 / Febr. 1992)

This is version 1.2 of my chessmacros for typesetting chess with LaTeX
and/or TeX.  This new version contains an improved chess style file
(chess.sty) complete with documentation and example files.  The
documentation is the article as it will appear in TUGboat.  You will
also find examples of complete chess games and a list of all available
Informator symbols in the directory `doc':
  - TUGboat.ltx		TUGboat article (tugboat macros not included
  - TUGgame.ltx		in this package)
  - tal.ltx		Tal-Fisher in LaTeX
  - tal.tex		Tal-Fisher in TeX
  - Kasparov.ltx	Kasparov-Karpov in Informator style
  - Symbols.ltx		Informator symbols in LaTeX
  - Symbols.tex		Informator symbols in TeX
  - SchaakMaatje.ltx    example of chess magazine (Dutch!)

File CHANGES12 contains a summary of the differences between this
version and version 1.1. The main differences are:
  a) improved plain TeX interface
  b) language support using the babel package from Johannes Braams
  c) nochess-environment replaces chess-environment
  d) font chessfig10 renamed into chessf10 (MSDOS)
  e) handling of promotion improved
  f) `en passant capture' bug solved
  g) added Informator symbols
Note that b), c) and d) makes this version incompatible with the older
versions. Read the file INSTALLATION how to upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2.

For UNIX people I have added a Makefile:
  - make (generates the fonts and the documentation)
      --> change `localfont' into whatever your mode is (ex.: imagen)
          if localfont is not properly set at your system. The command:
             mf "\mode=localfont; input chess20"
          should generate a font suitable for your local printer.
      --> if you don't use a PostScript printer or don't use dvips
          you have to adapt the Makefile to your local situation

  - make install (installs the fonts and the style: check the path's!).

Have a lot of chess writing and playing fun!

Piet Tutelaers			

Here is an overview of the files in chess12.tar.Z (and chess12.zoo):
chess12/CopyRight		my name and copyright notice
chess12/README			this file
chess12/CHANGES12		Changes from version 1.1 to 1.2
chess12/INSTALLATION		installation instructions
chess12/Makefile		Makefile for UNIX
chess12/doc/board.epsf		Original font (in EPSF format)
chess12/doc/boards.ltx		LaTeX source demonstrating the 3 chess fonts
chess12/doc/dutch-tt.ltx	dutch torture test for chess.sty in LaTeX
chess12/doc/dutch-tt.tex	dutch torture test for chess.sty in plain TeX
chess12/doc/Kasparov.ltx	Kasparov-Karpov in Informator style
chess12/doc/SchaakMaatje.ltx	our chess club magazine (Dutch!)
chess12/doc/Symbols.ltx		Informator symbols (LaTeX)
chess12/doc/Symbols.tex		Informator symbols (TeX)
chess12/doc/tal.ltx		Fisher vs. Tal (LaTeX source)
chess12/doc/tal.tex		Fisher vs. Tal (TeX source)
chess12/doc/TUGboat.ltx		TUGboat article (LaTeX main-source)
chess12/doc/TUGgame.ltx		TUGboat article (LaTeX inputted-source)
chess12/fonts/chess10.tfm	TeX font metric files
chess12/fonts/chess20.tfm	    ...
chess12/fonts/chess30.tfm	    ...
chess12/fonts/chessf10.tfm	    ...
chess12/inputs/babel.sty	Part of the Babel-3.0b package 
chess12/inputs/babel32.switch	    ...
chess12/inputs/babel22.switch	    ...
chess12/inputs/babel.switch	    ...
chess12/inputs/dutch.sty	    ...
chess12/inputs/english.sty	    ...
chess12/inputs/french.sty	    ...
chess12/inputs/german.sty	    ...
chess12/inputs/2side.tex	used by tal.tex to produce twocolumn output
chess12/inputs/a4.sty		style for A4 paper
chess12/inputs/a4wide.sty	style for a A4 paper with narrow margins
chess12/inputs/chess.sty	Chess style
chess12/inputs/epsf.sty		Style file for `Encapsulated PostScript'
chess12/inputs/fancyheadings.sty  used in SchaakMaatje.ltx
chess12/mf/README		Explains chessdiag.Xmf
chess12/mf/chess10.mf		METAFONT sources
chess12/mf/chess20.mf		    ...
chess12/mf/chess30.mf		    ...
chess12/mf/chessbase.mf		    ...
chess12/mf/chessdiag.mf		    ...
chess12/mf/chessdiag.Xmf	    ... (X-window version)
chess12/mf/chessf10.mf		    ...
chess12/mf/chesspieces.mf	    ...
chess12/pkfonts/chess10.300pk	ready to go Canon engine fonts
chess12/pkfonts/chess20.300pk	    ...
chess12/pkfonts/chess30.300pk	    ...
chess12/pkfonts/chessf10.300pk	    ...

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (116.0k).

chess – Fonts for typesetting chess boards

The original (and now somewhat dated) chess font package.

Potential users should consider skak (for alternative fonts, and notation support), texmate (for alternative notation support), or chessfss (for flexible font choices).

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MaintainerPiet Tutelaers
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