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This topic contains packages to process game diagrams, gamebooks, and other amusements.

Memory games in .
A drag-and-drop matching game with PDF files.
Chess board macros using standard fonts.
BaKoMa modules for music and games.
A set of fonts supporting chess diagrams.
A style file for typesetting Battleship logic puzzles.
Bullshit bingo, calendar and baseball-score cards.
Typeset correspondence chess games.
Annotate backgammon matches and positions.
Typesetting bridge diagrams.
Plain macros for writing about bridge.
Chinese chess.
Fonts for typesetting chess boards.
Print chess boards.
A package to handle chess fonts.
Minimal chess diagrams.
A package for typesetting chess problem diagrams.
Use lua callbacks for “interesting” textual effects.
Typeset Chinese chess with l3draw.
Create static and interactive versions of board games.
A Go system in Cont.
Sudokus for Cont.
Typeset crossword puzzles.
Macros for typesetting crossword puzzles.
Crossword macros for Plain .
Draw ASCII art of animals saying a specified message.
package for typesetting extensive games.
Enpassant chess font support.
Typeset gamebooks and other interactive novels.
Macros for setting numbered entries in shuffled order.
Fonts and macros for typesetting go games.
Typeset Generic Universal Role Playing System (GURPS) materials.
Tower of Hanoi in .
A firework display in obfuscated .
Diagrams of board positions in the games of Havannah and Hex.
For drawing Hex boards and games.
Provide an environment to draw a hexgame-board.
Describe card games.
A font for I Ching divinations.
An i-ching package.
Fonts and macro to typeset Go diagrams.
Draw Game Trees with TikZ.
Build a jeopardy game in .
Macros to insert playing cards.
A class to construct Jeopardy-like games.
Draw labyrinths and solution paths.
Typeset (grid-based) logic puzzles.
A font to go with the Magic(TM) game.
Typeset Mahjong Tiles using MPSZ Notation.
Compute the Mandelbrot set.
Generate random mazes.
output of Go positions.
Drawing chess boards and positions with .
Draws sticks for games of multi-pile Nim.
Typeset Bridge Diagrams.
Modification of a Go package to create othello boards.
Typeset Othello (Reversi) diagrams of any size, with annotations.
Creating crossword grids, using TikZ.
A simple template for drawing playcards.
Draw Bao diagrams.
Typeset go diagrams with PSTricks.
Plotting dart boards.
Drawing poker cards.
Quickly typeset board states of Puyo Puyo games.
Playing Reversi in .
A fun demo of Acro eDucation Bundle facilities.
Draw a “question wheel” (roue de questions).
Icons for tabletop role-playing games.
Typesetting old-school Dungeons and Dragons modules.
Typeset the German chess magazine “Die Schwalbe”.
Commands for Scrabble boards.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
Include Scratch programs in documents.
Typeset cards for Set.
style for typesetting strategic games.
Fonts and macros for typesetting chess games.
The skak chess fonts redone in Adobe Type 1.
Generate alphabet soup puzzles.
macros for drawing Chinese and Japanese abaci.
Create sudoku grids.
A set of sudoku-related packages.
Tangram puzzles, with TikZ.
Comprehensive chess annotation in .
Print dates of Friday 13th days.
Create some AmongUs characters in TikZ environments.
Insert Trivial Pursuit board game.
Visualize 2×2 normal-form games.
A package to prepare hex’n’counter wargames.
Use 3 to typeset Weiqi (Go).
Create wordle grids.
Support for writing about xiangqi.
An extension to the skak package for chess typesetting.
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