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*                                                          *
*      The COMPUTER MODERN BRIGHT family of fonts          *
*                                                          *
*   fonts:       v1.0g  2002-05-25                         *
*   macros       v8.1   2005-04-13                         *
*                                                          *
*   There will be no more *basic* changes to the fonts.    *
*   Extensions and bug fixes may be expected still.        *
*                                                          *
                                              Walter Schmidt 

`Computer Modern Bright' is a family of sans serif fonts for
TeX and LaTeX, based on Donald Knuth's `Computer Modern'.
It comprises OT1, T1 and TS1 encoded text fonts of various
shapes as well as all the fonts necessary for mathematical
typesetting, including the AMS symbols.  CM Bright is
accompanied by a matching family of monospaced fonts,
`Computer Modern Typewriter Light'.

This distribution comprises

* the fonts in the Metafont format,

* the TeX font metrics,

* the LaTeX macro package cmbright.sty and the related font
  definition files

The CM Bright fonts are available in the Type1 format, too.
See <http://www.micropress-inc.com/fonts/brmath/brmain.htm>.

To install, move all files to the corresponding directories
of your TeX system.  In case yor TeX system does not support
the use of fonts in the obsolete Metafont format, omit the
directories fonts/source and doc/fonts.

Documentation regarding the use of the fonts can be found in
the document cmbright.pdf.

Additional documentation regarding the license of the 
Metafont sources of the CM-Bright fonts can be found in the 
directory texmf/doc/fonts/cmbright.

The MF sources of the CM Bright and CM Typewriter Light 
fonts are subject to the LPPL; see the files in the 
directory doc/fonts/cmbright.

The LaTeX macros to use the CM Bright and CM Typewriter Light 
fonts are separately(!) subject to the LPPL, too; see the 
notice in the file source/latex/cmbrght/cmbright.dtx.

*** 2005-04-13**

    The fonts are now declared as continuously scalable, so
    that arbitrary sizes are supported.  
    The obsolete hacks regarding the use of \oldstylenums 
    and \textregistered have been abolished.  
    When the package is loaded with the option 
    [slantedGreek], all upright uppercase Greek letters are
    made available, too
    Bug fix re. default definition of \Gamma.
    The package will fix the (La)TeX logos to suit CM-Bright.
    The package documentation now acts as a font sample,
    Source file cmbright.fdd abolished; all sources are in 
    the .dtx file now. 
    Distribution rearranged \`a la TDS.

*** 2002-05-25 ***

    Fixed tbsymb.mf and all TFM's of the TC Bright fonts,
    which had wong \fontdimen's; notice that the the font 
    shapes are unchanged!
    Documentation (cmbright.dtx) cleaned up.
*** 2002-05-11 ***

    fixed cmbr8.tfm cmbr9.tfm cmbrmb10.tfm cmbrmi8.tfm
    cmbrmi9.tfm cmbrsl8.tfm cmbrsl9.tfm;
    TFMs are no longer mentioned in manifest.txt

*** 2000-06-30 ***

    cmbright v7.1:  Bug fix.  Loading amsfonts.sty with the
    option [psamsfonts] would use the `roman' AMS fonts instead
    of the `Bright' ones.
    Improved documentation.
*** 2000-02-09 ***

   fonts v1.0f: Fixed all Euro symbols.
*** 1999-05-12 ***

   documentation revisited and reorganized
*** 1999-03-28 ***

   cmbright.sty v6.9:  new option [slantedGreek];
*** 1998-12-11 ***

   cmbright.sty v6.7:  Fixed the math font setup, so that
   \mathbold acts on lowercase greek, too.
   fonts v1.0e: improved Euro symbol (the metrics remain
*** 1998-02-02 ***

   fd files v7.3: font sizes 29.86 and 35.83 pt suppported

*** 1998-01-19 ***

   Fixed cmbright.ins to prevent problems with Unix (teTeX):
   Do not generate uppercase filenames automatically.
   cmbright.ins now TDS-enabled.  
   Added oinst.ins for LaTeX  < Dec.1996.

*** 1997-09-11 ***

   cmbright.sty v6.6: added \relax after \ProcessOptions,
   removed spurious spaces in font definitions

   fd files v7.2: forced \hyphenchar\font45 in OT1 fonts,
   removed spurious spaces in font definitions

   included the new installation script, which was
   erroneously lacking in the previous distribution :-(
*** 1997-06-03 ***

   fixed a bug in the installation script:  the fd files are
   now generated with mixed-case names if necessary (i.e.
   when running an obsolete LaTeX release on Unix)

   fonts, v1.0d: corrected height of arithmetic symbols in
   T1/TS1 fonts;

*** 1997-05-26 *** 

   Fonts, v1.0c:  changed lowercase hachek accent in order
   to avoid METAFONT errors occurring with certain MF modes;
   fixed `root' symbol and big circles in TS1 fonts;
   corrected rule_width# in semibold fonts, which had been
   larger than it is in the bx fonts;

*** 1997/05/22 ***

   fd files v7.0: lowercase filenames

   fonts v1.0b:  br17pt.mf fixed (o#, apex_o#)

   cmbright.sty v6.4:  minor fixes

   enhanced documentation

*** 1996/11/20 ***

   Documentation update only,  e-mail address added.

*** 1996/07/02 ***

   cmbright.sty, v6.2:  The code for selecting font size and
   \baselineskip has been basically changed.  The default
   font sizes defined in the class file will no longer be
   changed.  The size macros like \normalsize will no longer
   be redefined.  Same font sizes will always get the same
   size    \baselineskip
    8pt    10.00pt
    9pt    11.25pt
   10pt    12.50pt
   11pt    13.70pt
   12pt    15.00pt

   A new option [standard-baselineskips] enables you to
   suppress the enlarged \baseselineskip values.

   The commands \textregistered, \pounds, \textsterling and
   \mathsterling have been made working; they will use the
   roman text font.

   font definition files, v6.0:  In all .fd files octal
   numbers have been changed to decimal ones, in order to
   avoid conflicts with possibly active quote characters.

   fonts, v1.0:  erroneous comments fixed

*** 1996/05/02 ***

   fonts:                    version 1.0
   font definition files:            5.0
   LaTeX package `cmbright':         5.0

   The first `final' release, including the AMS fonts.

%% finis

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (441.2k).

cmbright – Computer Modern Bright fonts

A family of sans serif fonts for and , based on Donald Knuth’s CM fonts. It comprises OT1, T1 and TS1 encoded text fonts of various shapes as well as all the fonts necessary for mathematical typesetting, including AMS symbols. This collection provides all the necessary files for using the fonts with .

Free versions are available, in the cm-super font bundle (the T1 and TS1 encoded part of the set), and in the hfbright package (the OT1 encoded part, and the maths fonts).

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MaintainerKeiran Harcombe
Walter A. Schmidt (deceased)
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