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MarVoSym is Martin Vogel's Symbols font.  It contains many useful
symbols, especially for office and civil engineering purposes.

This marvosym package contains additional support files for TeX; any
questions or comments about it should go to its current maintainer,
not Martin.

Original TrueType font creator: Martin Vogel
Type 1 derivative, TeX macros, documentation:
    Thomas Henlich (original package)
    Mojca Miklavec (updates; current maintainer)

With special thanks to:
    Karl Berry (many useful comments)
    Heiko Oberdiek (created symbol list)

Contact info, urls: see OFL.txt.

Licensing: fonts under OFL; TeX support files under LPPL.

Installation: for TeX, your TeX distribution should already provide the
package.  If you need to install it yourself, you can download it from
CTAN (http://ctan.org/pkg/marvosym) and then see

To install for non-TeX (native) use on Windows, copy the .ttf
into your system font directory or otherwise follow Windows procedures.

File list:

        README                       This file
        FONTLOG.txt                  Detailed information about font
        Makefile                     Makefile
        marvodoc.tex                 Documentation source
        marvodoc.pdf                 Formatted documentation
        marvosym-doc.tex             Symbol list (source)
        marvosym-doc.pdf             Symbol list (reproduction of original documentation)
        OFL.txt                      Licence
        OFL-FAQ.txt                  Licence FAQ

        marvosym.afm                 Adobe metric file for marvosym
        marvosym.map                 Map file for pdftex, dvips, ...
        umvs.tfm                     TeX font metrics for marvosym.
        marvosym.ttf                 Original TrueType font
    type1/ public/marvosym/
        marvosym.pfb                 Type 1 derivative

        generate_marvosym_derivs.sh  Shell script to generate afm, pfb
                                     and tfm files from ttf
        patch_marvosym_afm.sed       Patch for font description in afm file
        patch_marvosym_pfb.sed       Patch for font description in pfb file

        marvosym.sty                 The marvosym style file for LaTeX2e
        umvs.fd                      L2E Font description file for marvosym

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (573.1k).

marvosym – Martin Vogel's Symbols (marvosym) font

Martin Vogel’s Symbol font (marvosym) contains the Euro currency symbol as defined by the European commission, along with symbols for structural engineering; symbols for steel cross-sections; astronomy signs (sun, moon, planets); the 12 signs of the zodiac; scissor symbols; CE sign and others.

The package contains both the original TrueType font and the derived Type 1 font, together with support files for ().

Home pagehttp://www.marvosym.de
LicensesThe SIL Open Font License
MaintainerMojca Miklavec
Thomas Henlich (inactive)
Martin Vogel (inactive)
Contained inTeX Live as marvosym
MiKTeX as marvosym
TopicsMF Font
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Font symbol
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