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This topic con­tains pack­ages with font in TrueType for­mat.

Font con­tain­ing high qual­ity icons of on­line aca­demic pro­files.
A re­vival of Frutiger's Al­gol al­pha­bet.
A font for Ara­bic-based writ­ing sys­tems in Nige­ria and Niger.
Al­men­dra fonts with sup­port.
Ara­bic-Latin Modern Fixed ex­tends -Gyre Latin Modern Mono 10 Reg­u­lar to full Ara­bic Uni­code sup­port.
A clas­si­cal Ara­bic type­face, Naskh style.
Use Anony­mousPro fonts with .
Arimo sans serif fonts with sup­port.
TrueType ver­sion of Chi­nese Ar­phic fonts.
A font to type­set maths in and Lua.
Baek­muk Korean TrueType fonts.
Com­puter Modern and AMS fonts in out­line form.
sup­port for the Bit­ter fam­ily of fonts.
Sup­port for the Caladea fam­ily of fonts.
Sup­port for Car­l­ito sans-serif fonts.
sup­port for Cinzel and Cinzel Dec­o­ra­tive fonts.
Clear Sans fonts with sup­port.
Crim­sonPro fonts with sup­port.
Cuprum font fam­ily sup­port for .
sup­port for the De­jaVu fonts.
Sup­port for the ttf and otf De­jaVu fonts.
sup­port for the Droid font fam­i­lies.
Font Mfizz icons for use in .
fo­rum fonts with sup­port.
Gen­tium font and sup­port files.
Gen­tium fonts (in two for­mats) and sup­port files.
GoSans and GoMono fonts with sup­port.
De­scribe card games.
IPA (Ja­panese) fonts.
A TrueType font for me­di­ae­val­ists.
Lato font fam­ily and sup­port.
Lob­ster Two fonts, with sup­port for all en­gines.
Mar­cel­lus fonts with sup­port.
Martin Vo­gel's Sym­bols (mar­vosym) font.
Mer­ri­weather and Mer­ri­weath­erSans fonts, with sup­port.
Dec­o­ra­tive bor­ders for texts in Ara­bic and French.
Sup­port­ing for the Nexus OpenType or True Type Fonts.
Sup­port files for Nim­bus 2015 Core fonts.
Sup­port for Noto fonts.
The Open Sans font fam­ily, and sup­port.
Over­look sans fonts with sup­port.
A high-qual­ity TrueType font that sup­ports the many di­verse lan­guages that use the Myan­mar script.
sup­port for free fonts by ParaType.
The StarFont Sans as­tro­log­i­cal font.
TheanoDi­dot fonts with sup­port.
Theano Modern fonts with sup­port.
Theano OldStyle fonts with sup­port.
Font con­tain­ing a set of web-re­lated icons.
TrueType ver­sion of Un-fonts.
TrueType ver­sion of Un-fonts.
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