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Mathabx fonts series

Last modification: May 16, 2005


The mathabx series are a large mathematical symbols set designed and
defined in MetaFont language. Many of common and uncommon symbols can
be found in these series. Encoding, metrics, designs are not supposed
to be frozen since improvements, changes of mind can always
happen. These programs are intended to produce bitmap fonts and a lot
of care is given about rasterization.

Brief description of the fonts

mathaXX (XX ranges from 5 to 12): quite common mathematical symbols;

mathbXX (XX ranges from 5 to 12): quite uncommon mathematical symbols;

mathxXX (XX ranges from 5 to 12): large and extensible mathematical
symbols which fit the two previous series;

mathcXX (XX ranges from 10 to 10): unsupported (yet) since it is an
incomplete calligraphic series;

mathuXX (XX ranges from 10 to 10): unsupported (forever) since it is a
too strange symbols series;

mathuxXX (XX ranges from 10 to 10): unsupported (forever) since it is
a too strange large or extensible symbols series.

Suggested TDS location for all ``.mf'' files:

Brief description of the (La)TeX files

mathabx.tex: ``plain TeX'' input file which defines the 3 families
matha (5,7,10), mathb (5,7,10) and mathx (10,10,10) then read

mathabx.sty: LaTeX input file which defines the 3 families matha,
mathb and mathx according to LaTeX fonts selection scheme, then read

mathabx.dcl: declaration of every new or conpound symbol.

Suggested TDS location: $TEXMF/tex/generic/misc/

Support for installation: Almost none.

Documentation: mathtest.tex, testmac.tex.

mathtest.tex is a plain tex file that uses testmac as a macro file and which need that all the fonts should be properly installed. See postscript (or PDF) outputs provided in this distribution.

Brief commentary: Happy TeXing.

Anthony Phan.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (939.5k).

math­abx – Three se­ries of math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols

Mathabx is a set of 3 math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols font se­ries: matha, mathb and mathx. They are de­fined by code and should be of rea­son­able qual­ity (bitmap out­put). Things change from time to time, so there is no claim of sta­bil­ity (en­cod­ing, met­rics, de­sign).

The pack­age in­cludes Plain and sup­port macros.

A ver­sion of the fonts, in Adobe Type 1 for­mat, is also avail­able.

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