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% Revision 1.0 2004/08/24 Sergey Korop svk@lib.ru
% Revision 1.1 2005/01/23 Sergey Korop svk@lib.ru


This package extends ``Sanskrit for LaTeX2e'' package with skt-series' fonts 
in Type 1 format.

The ``Sanskrit for LaTeX2e'' package (referred as 'origin' in the text below) 
was created by Charles Wikner and it is available from the CTAN:



1. License.

2. Requirements.

3. Revision History.

4. Technical Issues.

5. Installation.

6. Feedback.


This package should be distributed and used together with it's origin 
under the terms specified for that origin by Charles Wikner. Currently
(as for version 2.0 of the origin) it is LaTeX Project Public License.


TeX system capable for producing PostScript/PDF files (e.g. system including
dvips, pdfTeX or similar software).

The files that you should have are:

readme.txt   This file.
sktdoc.pdf   Documentation of origin typesetted using Type 1 fonts.
skt.map      Configuration file for dvips and pdfTeX program.
skt8.pfb     PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 8pt upright.
skt9.pfb     PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 9pt upright.
skt10.pfb    PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt upright.
sktb10.pfb   PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt upright bold.
sktf10.pfb   PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt upright feint.
skts10.pfb   PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt slanted.
sktbs10.pfb  PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt bold slanted.
sktfs10.pfb  PS Type 1 font file for skt font at 10pt feint slanted.

 * Revision 1.0 2004/08/24 Sergey Korop svk@lib.ru

    Initial release.

 * Revision 1.1 2005/01/23 Sergey Korop svk@lib.ru

    Fixed incompatibility with dvips: changed /FullName and /FontName 
    font properties to match PS Font names specified in the map file.
    Thanks to Mr. Hartmut Henkel for bugreport and proposed solution.


 1. There are no UniqueIDs for the fonts provided in this package.
    According to Type 1 font specs, this is allowed feature, but
    it may probably confuse some font processing software and/or
    hardware. However, I think that using no UniqueID is better
    than guessing one with risk of collision.

 2. Fonts were generated from METAFONT sources automagically using
    textrace program. Due to the nature of this process, some
    discrepancies with original fonts may appear.

 3. To ensure backward compatibility, always make sure that you are 
    using the same versions of *.pfb files and their *.mf origins.

 4. Names of PostScript fonts (i.e. /FullName, /FontName, etc) don't
    match the names of original TeX fonts. I'm not sure this was the
    best possible solution, but proposed names are:

      -- self-explainatory (i.e one can always identify the origin);

      -- preventing from possible name collision;

      -- matching PostScript naming conventions, e.g. contain distinct 
         Font Family and Weight parts.


Depends from TeX system you use. Users of pdfTeX distributed with 
teTeX or fpTeX may try following steps:

 IMPORTANT: I can't predict the configuration of your system,
            so use the commands below at your own risk.

 1. Put the files of this package into appropriate directories:

      skt.map -> .../texmf/dvips/config/
        *.pfb -> .../texmf/fonts/type1/sanskrit/

    the name 'sanskrit' for font directory is not mandatory and may
    be changed if you need.

 2. Run: 

      kpsewhich skt10.pfb

    to make sure your TeX software has access to those files. The last
    command should output the full path to appropriate font file, 
    if nothing appeared, consult your local TeXnicians. 

    NOTE: don't run kpsewhich directly in the font directory --- this won't 
    show you the real picture.

 3. Locate your pfdtex.cfg file (either global or private) and add following 

      map +skt.map

This should make outline skt fonts available for docs produced by pdfTeX.


Suggestions and bug reports to: Sergey Korop, <svk@lib.ru>. Please note
that since I'm neither professional font designer nor experienced TeXnician,
I will probably be unable to fulfill your requests.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (744.8k).

sanskrit-t1 – Type 1 version of ‘skt’ fonts for Sanskrit

The sanskrit-t1 font package provides Type 1 version of Charles Wikner’s skt font series for the Sanskrit language.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerSergey Korop
Contained inTeX Live as sanskrit
MiKTeX as sanskrit
Font Type1
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