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This is the README file of the ofntinst package,
version 0.2.2 (May 7, 2005)

OFNTINST package is Copyright 2002-2005 by Alexej Kryukov

It may be distributed under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public
License, either version 1.1 of this license or (at your option) any
later version.


OFNTINST is a plug-in for the fontinst package, which allows to
create Unicode virtual fonts for use with Omega/Lambda. It takes
several 8-bit Type 1 fonts and merges them to one large virtual


First, you have to obtain the fontinst system version 1.926 or
later. If you already have an older fontinst installation (teTeX 2.0
comes with fontinst 1.8), remove it. This document supposes that
you already know how to install fonts with fontinst; if not,
refer to the fontinst documentation.

If you are planning to create virtual fonts with Cyrillic and/or
Greek glyphs, download additionally the Cyrillic T2 package
and my GRKFINST package (for Greek).


The OFNTINST package includes the following files:

-- unilatin.mtx. This file represents the core of the system. It 
describes all Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A 
glyphs, necessary for installing Unicode fonts. Although this file is 
based on the latin.mtx file from the original fontinst package, it
utilizes some ideas originally implemented in the Cyrillic T2 package.
However, it doesn't include Cyrillic glyphs itself: for installing
Cyrillic or Greek fonts you will need additionally the cyrillic.mtx file
from the T2 package and the greek.mtx file from my GRKFINST package.

Previously a special version of the unilatin.mtx file was available, used
for installing fonts with true small capitals, which, however, use the
same glyph naming system as regular fonts. Since this file shared the most
part of code with unilatin.mtx, it was very inconvenient to  maintain it.
So now this file is removed: instead you can load the sane unilatin.mtx
file with the `smallcaps' option, for example:

\installfont{myfont}{myrawfont,unilatin option smallcaps}{ut1}{UT1}{myfam}{m}{sc}{}

-- resetmu.mtx. This file is necessary for installing mixed Latin and
Greek fonts. It takes the "mu" glyph, creates from it another glyph,
named "mu1", and then unsets "mu" itself. It should be loaded immediately
after your Latin font metrics file, but before Greek one. So the "mu" 
glyph from your Latin font will be used only in the Unicode position 0x00b5, 
(micro sign), but will not replace another "mu" from the Greek
font, which should be included at 0x0385.

-- ut1.etx. This file describes the Unicode-based encoding vector for
Omega's virtual fonts. Currently the following Unicode ranges are
supported: Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Basic Greek, Extended
Greek and Cyrillic. Also included some combining diacritical marks,
General Punctuation characters and some symbols from the TS1 encoding
(only those existing in Unicode).

-- ut1c.etx. This is a driver file which loads ut1.etx with slightly
different parameters. It is used for installing faked small capitals

-- oltt.tex. This is sample installation script for Linotype Times Ten,
Times Ten Cyrillic and Times Ten GreekP families, which demonstrates some
capacities of the ofntinst package.

OFNTINST v. 0.1 included a special version of the file fontinst.sty
(called ofntinst.sty), but now I removed it. This file was introduced
mainly because of one significant bug in the definition for
\setscalednotglyph. This bug caused fontinst not to report about missing
glyphs, which is crucial for "large" Unicode fonts, where some glyphs
surely will be missing. However, this bug is fixed in fontinst 1.926. So
update your job files if they contain references to ofntinst.sty.
Unfortunately, removing this file means that the metric files produced by
ofntinst will have extensions specific for TeX rather than for Omega 
(i.e. *.pl and *.vpl instead of *.opl and *.vpl). However, these files may
be processed by Omega font utilities (in case they are not broken in your
installation, see below) anyway.


First, put all *.mtx, *.etx, *.sty and *.tex files into some places
where TeX can find them (maybe, together with the corresponding
files from the original fontinst package).

Put *.afm files for font families you want to install to a separate
directory and create a job file (if in trouble, refer to the fontinst 
documentation and to the samples included with this package).

Process this file with Lambda or plain Omega (not with plain TeX or
LaTeX). Note that you have to process your file with Lambda in case 
you are using Cyrillic fontinst extensions in addition to OFNTINST

Use the opl2otf and ovp2ovf utilities to convert your *.opl and *.ovp
files to the binary format, ready for use with omega. Unfortunately,
these utilities are broken in teTeX 2 and it looks like nobody plans
to fix them. Hopefully their old versions, taken from teTeX 1.0.7, should
work with newer teTeX installations.

You can get nicely formatted sources of *.etx and *.mtx files by
processing them with lambda. E.g., "lambda ut1.etx" will generate
"ut1.dvi" which documents the UT1 encoding vector.

Happy TeXing!
Alexej Kryukov <basileia@yandex.ru>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (28.0k).

ofntinst – Install Type 1 for use with Omega

This is a plug-in for fontinst, which takes several Type 1 fonts and merges them into one large (Unicode) virtual font for use with Omega.

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