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Directory graphics/pbmtopk

This directory contains the PBMtoPK and PKtoPBM programs. The PBM libraries
required to compile these programs are available from expo.lcs.mit.edu in the
directory contrib/.
The PBM library is the work of Jef Poskanzer (jef@well.sf.ca.us), and PBMtoPK
and PKtoPBM are the work of Angus Duggan (ajcd@lfcs.ed.ac.uk), based on
programs by Tom Rokicki.

AJCD 30/10/91

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (57.1k).

PBMtoPK – Conversion between PBM and PK formats

PBMtoPK is a program for converting and collecting bitmaps into a PK format font (with corresponding TFM file), for use with . PKtoPBM performs the inverse operation, extracting bitmaps from a PK format font.

A similar operation is undertaken by the pbmtogf bundle.

Version 1991-10-30
MaintainerAngus Duggan
TopicsFont processor
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