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    The not so Short Introduction to LaTeX  v3.22
    Finnish version
    Original by Tobias Oetiker <oetiker@ee.ethz.ch>
    Finnish edition by Timo Hellgren 10/12/2002 <timo.hellgren@vtt.fi>
    If you want to learn how to write your documents with LaTeX,
    this introduction is for you. It is not about setting up a
    LaTeX system. While it is not as comprehensive as Lamport's book,   
    it should be sufficient in most cases.

    In this Finnish edition, I have included some additional
    information needed when Finnish documents are typesetted with LaTeX

    Besides this README file I have included ready-to-print PDF file
    with hyperlinks. (Made with pdfLaTeX.)

    The PDF version uses the Super Computer Modern collection of free
    Type 1 Postscript versions of the EC fonts (and the Cyrillic fonts
    as well). Times or ae packages could not be used because I wanted
    to demonstrate the full T1 character set in the document.
    Super Computer Modern fonts are found in CTAN:/fonts
    Note that the pfb files take space almost 60 Mb. Please, refer
    to the documentation for instructions how to install them.
    I couln't get them to work with Ghostscript in Windows, put
    pdflatex has no problems. Except I had to include the contents
    of the cm-super map-files into the file psfonts.map which is
    included in pdftex.cfg file [map psfonts.map] Go and figure...
    Well, try to follow the original instructions first, then
    try my way and read again your local guides.

    My original source files are also included.

    Oh, almost forgot---I had to change the index file by
    hand to get the umlauts sorted in the last positions
    of the alphabet like they are in Finnish and in Swedish.

    If you have comments about the document mail me at

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.7M).

lshort-finnish – Finnish introduction to

This is the Finnish translation of Short Introduction to , with added coverage of Finnish typesetting rules.

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