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README file for LaTeX Math for Undergraduates

Jim Hefferon

This is a cheat sheet for writing mathematics with LaTeX, focused on the
needs of US undergraduates.

When I asked my students for feedback on LaTeX the consensus was that
it was pretty straightforward but that they needed a few things,
such as a list of symbols.  This is that list.


2017-Jan-10 Initial.
2020-Dec-30 Put into repo and correct a few things.  These include
  $ and $ instead of \( and \), mention RSFS, change to mathtools
  from amsmath, improve discussion of spacing in math, and put
  \big, etc., first in discussion of fence sizing.


I appreciate corrections. However, this document requires that things
are boiled down, so in some places I have made choices such as using an
italic d in the integral.  If your choices differ then you can grab
the source at https://gitlab.com/jim.hefferon/undergradmath and adapt it
for your needs.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.1M).

undergradmath – Math for Undergraduates cheat sheet

This is a cheat sheet for writing mathematics with . It is aimed at US undergraduates.

Version 2020-12-30
LicensesCC BY-SA 4.0
MaintainerJim Hefferon
Contained inTeX Live as undergradmath
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