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This topic contains packages with support for typesetting mathematics.

Asymmetric over-/underbraces in maths.
Multiple mathematical accents.
A collection of packages and classes.
Fix alignment at \overset or \underset.
Automatic numbering of all equations.
Subscripts and superscripts with square brackets.
AMS- commutative diagrams.
Enhanced commutative diagrams.
AMS document classes for .
Mathematical enhancements for .
AMS mathematical facilities for .
Typeset mathematical operator names.
AMS- article preprint document style.
AMS- v.2 compatibility for amsppt.sty v.1.
document class for AMS conference proceedings.
American Mathematical Society plain macros.
Typeset text fragments in mathematics.
Easily annotate math equations using TikZ.
Typeset an anti-particle in maths mode.
Typeset American style Karnaugh maps.
Add a custom symbol at the end of an environment.
Align terms and members in math expressions.
Simple line breaking of long formulae.
Automatic equation references.
Create bar graphs using form fields and JavaScript.
Typeset Begriffschrift.
Generate bold symbols in Plain mathematics.
Writing big integrals.
Calculate Pascal's triangle.
Extended array and tabular.
Access bold symbols in maths mode.
Bold latin and greek characters through simple prefix characters.
Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ.
Dirac bra-ket and set notations.
Automatic line breaking of displayed equations.
Simplified brackets and differentials in .
Proof trees in the style of the sequent calculus.
Extra commands for bussproofs.sty.
Calculates the value of an expression containing fractions.
Typesetting reasoned calculations, also called calculational proofs.
Use as a scientific calculator.
Place lines through maths formulae.
A Lua package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
Constructions with braces to present mathematical demonstrations.
Draw causal set (Hasse) diagrams.
Centred \not command.
Mathematics typesetting support.
CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for .
Automatic numbering of constants.
Typeset multiline continued equalities.
Set notation in Cont.
COntent-Oriented .
Correct spacing of the alignment in expressions.
Initializing and configuring theorem-like environments, with multilingual support.
A wrapper for article with macros and customizations for computer science assignments.
Comma for decimal numbers.
Flexible numbering of equations.
Simplify typesetting mathematical delimiters.
Delimiter commands that are easy to use and resize.
Typeset and declare sets of delimiters with convenient size control.
Nice and easy derivatives.
Write differential coefficients easily and consistently.
Dijkstra algorithm for .
Flush left equations with dotted leaders to the numbers.
Commands to simplify the syntax of dynamic math brackets.
Construct Dynkin tree diagrams.
Block matrices.
A simple package for writing equations.
A simple package for writing matrices.
Formal proofs in the style of sequent calculus.
Mathematics in Greek texts.
EMPHasizing EQuations.
An “end of proof” sign.
Maths commands and environments.
Align explanations for formulas.
Generalise facilities for marking equation arrays.
Make eqnarray behave like align.
Name tags for equations.
More generalised equation arrays with numbering.
A fix for 2.09 eqnarray.
Simplify typesetting of derivatives.
Draw geometrical constructions.
A geometry drawing system.
Implements scaling of the 'cmex' fonts.
Extra Arrows beyond those provided in amsmath.
Extensible arrows in mathematics.
Typeset quotient structures with .
A font for Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik.
macros for Fitch-style natural deduction.
Macros for typesetting differential operators.
Make maths comply with ISO 31-0:1992 to ISO 31-13:1992.
Flag style derivation package.
A front-end to fontspec, for selected fonts with math support.
A front-end to fontspec, for selected non-free fonts.
Left sub- and superscripts in maths mode.
Align math formulas in different lines.
Typeset fregean Begriffsschrift.
Typesetting mathematics according to French rules.
Macros for functional analysis and PDE theory.
Typeset Galois connections.
A package for Gaussian operations.
Typeset logic formulae, etc.
Generic symbols for both text and math mode.
Typeset Gottlob Frege's notation in plain .
A math font in the Neo-Hellenic style.
Mathematical nomenclature tools based on the glossaries package.
Draw keys and screen items of several Casio calculators.
Typeset Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik.
Scary and creepy math symbols with AMS- integration.
Extended math macros.
A simple way to highlight formulas and formula parts.
Print vectors, matrices, and tensors.
Typeset Maxwell's non-commutative division.
Intelligent brackets.
Intelligent commas for decimal numbers.
A mathematical paper template.
Small modifications to math formatting.
Format mathematical intervals, ensuring proper spacing.
Compiling basic math formulas in Japanese using Lua.
Macros for mathematics that make the code more readable.
A package for compositional delimiter sizing.
Enumerative expressions in Japanese education.
Mathematical equation representation in Japanese education.
Typeset Karnaugh-Veitch-maps.
Typeset Karnaugh maps.
package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
version of \bordermatrix.
Creating graphics for using Cinderella.
Create Karnaugh maps with .
Convert source to Braille with math in Nemeth.
AMS mathematical facilities for .
Development pre-release of the amsmath bundle.
Left and right subscripts and superscripts in math mode.
Left indices with better spacing.
Draw arrows over math letters.
Use the lineno package together with amsmath.
Typeset linear operators as they appear in quantum theory or linear algebra.
Typeset systems of linear equations.
Typesets long division.
Nested delimiter groups extending over multiple array cells or lines.
Typesetting linear programming formulations and sets of equations.
Fitch-style natural deduction proofs.
A computer algebra system for users of Lua.
Operations on complex numbers inside documents using Lua.
Computation of gcd of integers inside using Lua.
Fixes for mathematics-related Lua issues.
A linear algebra package for Lua.
Provide standard mathematical operations inside documents using Lua.
Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation.
Numerical integration using Lua inside documents.
Set Operations inside documents using Lua.
Drawing spectral sequences in Lua.
Generate truth tables of boolean values in Lua.
Mathematics in accord with French usage.
Compute the Mandelbrot set.
Commands for MatematicaC3 textbooks.
Class for MatematicaC3 textbooks.
General package for loading maths alphabets in .
Use the text font in maths mode.
\newcommand-like commands for defining math macros.
Commands to produce dots in math that respect font size.
Package for typesetting exams.
Extend math family up to 256 for p/up/Lamed.
Fix various layout issues in math mode.
Use TrueType and OpenType fonts in math mode.
Typesetting sequences of math formulas, e.g. type inference rules.
Control the space after punctuation in math expressions.
Semantic math commands in .
Manage mathematics typesetting style.
Mathematical tools to use with amsmath.
A trip to the wonderful world of mathematics.
A PGF/TikZ library that simplifies working with multiple matrix nodes.
Matrices/tensor typesetting.
Make math bold or italic according to context.
Some maths extensions.
Miscellaneous tools by Mark Wooding.
Better medium-size math commands.
Macros to draw direction fields and solutions of ODEs.
High-quality graphics from MGL scripts embedded in documents.
Stub for the (old) ‘mh’ bundle.
Multicolumn equations, tags, labels, sub-numbering.
Historical mathematics.
The mathtools “setup” function.
Extensive maths for Lua.
Miscellaneous mathematical macros.
Variants of delimiters that act as maths open/close.
Logical markup for lists.
Mathematical notation for Machine Learning.
Probability trees with .
Recognise un-escaped command names in maths.
Easy creation of “arithmetical restoration” puzzles.
Macros for named tensor notation.
Tables of relative positions of curves and asymptotes or tangents in Arabic documents.
Natural mathematics notation.
Extended mathematics capabilities.
Maths macros from chair X of Würzburg University.
Typeset in-line fractions in a "nice" way.
Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF.
Represent intervals on the number line.
Improved underlines in mathematics.
Numerically evaluate mathematical expressions in form.
Iteration and recurrence relations: finding fixed points, zeros and extrema of functions.
Create multi-column tables of mathematical functions.
Optimizing workflow involving odes and pdes.
Generalising mathematical index sets.
Inhibit use of non-amsmath mathematics markup when using amsmath.
A framework for making definitions, typically mathematical, inline.
Environments for writing optimization problems.
Braces over and under a formula.
Custom extensible arrows over math expressions.
Doubled "over" arrow.
Draw beautiful Pascal (Yanghui) triangles.
A TikZ library for producing Penrose tilings.
Nested delimiters that consistently grow regardless of the contents.
Support for symmetric groups.
A set / packages for drawing Petri nets.
Parenthetic math expressions made simpler and less redundant.
Macros for typesetting Quantum Information Theory.
Goodies for theorems and proofs.
Macros supporting the Mathematics of Physics.
Macros for typesetting maths faster and more simply.
Typeset partitioned matrices.
Draw elements of the diagram monoids.
Poor man ISO math for pdf users.
A parser for polynomial expressions.
A TikZ package for drawing polyhedra.
Macros for manipulating polynomials.
Typeset (univariate) polynomials.
Macros for building proof trees.
A font that provides the product integral symbol.
A package for French maths teachers in college.
A package for French maths teachers in high school.
Use exercises in different types of documents.
Commands (with TikZ) to work with French “BTS SIO” maths themes.
A package to move proofs to appendix.
Macros for building proof trees.
Drawing regular complex polytopes with PSTricks.
Euclidian geometry with PSTricks.
Bulgarian translation of the pst-eucl documentation.
PSTricks package for plotting mathematical functions.
A PSTricks package to draw geometric tools.
Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with PSTricks.
Solving initial value problems for sets of Ordinary Differential Equations.
Platonic solids in PSTricks.
Polygons with PSTricks.
A PSTricks package for rolling vehicles on graphs of mathematical functions.
Produce an "end-of-proof" mark.
Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems.
Rebecca Turner’s personal macros and styles for typesetting mathematics notes.
Decimal-centered optionally rounded numbers in tabular.
The “real” way to transpose a Matrix.
Commands to typeset recursion theory papers.
macros for secondary school mathematics teachers.
Automatically resize overly large equations.
Measure restriction symbol in .
Work on linear systems using xint or pyluatex.
Repeating of math operator at the broken line and the new line in inline equations.
Commands and document classes for German-speaking teachers of mathematics and physics.
Semantic, keyval-based mathematics.
Deals with stripped Seman documents.
Class and package for sesamath books or paper.
Set hbox in outer horizontal mode.
Sans-serif mathematics.
Draw polygons, reentrant stars, and fractions in circles with .
Guide to using amsmath and related packages to typeset mathematical notation with .
A symbol for the shuffle product.
Create beautifully typeset sign charts.
Define matrices by given list of values.
Extensions to the maths command repertoir.
Automatic math symbol styling for documents.
Commands for dealing with Sobolev spaces (and relatives).
Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters.
Typeset Austrian SRDP in mathematics.
Typesetting spectral sequence charts.
Compute and typeset statistics tables and graphics.
Print Steinmetz notation.
Create string diagrams with and TikZ.
Unify maths subscript height.
Package for subequation numbering.
A range of sub- and superscript commands.
Easy text-style subscripts in math mode.
Abbreviate the word “Suppose”.
Work with SymPy and PyLua.
Format systems of equations.
Typesetting pretty tables of signs and variations according to French usage.
Draw tangles, trees, Hopf algebra operations and other pictures.
Macros for French teachers of mathematics.
Typeset tensors.
Typeset tensors.
Macros to typeset calculational proofs and programs in Dijkstra's style.
Use the textual comma character as decimal separator in math mode.
A package for adding theorem environments quickly.
Extensions to theorem environments.
Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ.
A TikZ library for drawing tiles and tilings.
Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory.
A Lua library for drawing Euclidean geometry with TikZ or tkz-euclide.
Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry.
Draw graph-theory graphs.
Tables of signs and variations using PGF/TikZ.
Automatically generate truth tables for given variables and statements.
Visualize 2×2 normal-form games.
Plot graphs with TikZ abbreviations.
Math for Undergraduates cheat sheet.
Position decorations over and under expressions.
Typeset a tilde under one (or many) maths symbols.
A simple macro for placing a tilde under a character.
Unicode mathematics support for and Lua.
Allow entering Unicode symbols in math formulas.
OpenType math support in (plain) .
Upright Greek letters.
macros for vectors.
“Aligned” math environments with arrows for comments.
Split-level fractions.
Interactive computing sessions (fractions, floating points, polynomials).
Calculates and displays arithmetic operations.
Young tableaux.
Typeset Young-Tableaux.
Many-featured Young tableaux and Young diagrams.
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