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Welcome to CJK version 4.8.5 (16-Oct-2021), a LaTeX2e macro package which
enables the use of CJK scripts (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) in various
encodings, written by Werner Lemberg <wl@gnu.org>.

A mailing list exists at cjk-list@nongnu.org; to subscribe, send a mail
with the subject `subscribe' (without the quotes) to
cjk-list-request@nongnu.org.  A web interface can be found at


If you are interested in the process of development you may observe


to see the commitments to the git repository of the CJK package, and which
also provides snapshots.

The home site of the CJK package is


Additionally, the latest non-development version can be found on all CTAN
hosts and its mirrors in the directory <CTAN>/language/chinese.

The package comes in two parts:

    cjk-4.8.5.tar.gz:       The source files. Needed for all platforms.
    cjk-4.8.5-doc.tar.gz:   Preformatted documentation files: DVI, PS,
                            output from cjk-enc.el, etc.

Note that on CTAN and its mirrors, the `src' archive is unpacked; you must
thus get all files and subdirectories from language/chinese/CJK/.

---End of README---

cjk – CJK language support

CJK is a macro package for , providing simultaneous support for various Asian scripts in many encodings (including Unicode):

  • Chinese (both traditional and simplified),
  • Japanese,
  • Korean and
  • Thai.

A special add-on feature is an interface to the Emacs editor (cjk-enc.el) which gives simultaneous, easy-to-use support to a bunch of other scripts in addition to the above — Cyrillic, Greek, Latin-based scripts, Russian and Vietnamese are supported.

LicensesGNU General Public License, version 2
MaintainerWerner Lemberg
Contained inTeX Live as cjk
MiKTeX as cjk
TopicsCJK Font
Font use
See alsocjk-fonts
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