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The current recommended hyphenation patterns for Norwegian, nohyphbx, 
was developed to support both Norwegian languages, Norwegian Bokm�l 
and Norwegian Nynorsk, and it works very well. Unfortunately, a few 
words needs to be hyphenated differently for the two languages. One 
example is "attende", which should be hyphenated 
"at-ten-de" in Norwegian Bokm�l and "att-en-de" 
in Norwegian Nynorsk.

This package adds two new hyphenation pattern files, 
"nbhyph.tex" and "nnhyph.tex", for Norwegian Bokm�l 
and Norwegian Nynorsk, respectively. The files include the Norwegian 
"nohyphx.tex" patterns (using \input), and just adds a 
\hyphenation exception block for the words that needs to be hyphenated 
differently for the two languages.

These patterns, "nbhyph.tex" and "nnhyph.tex" 
should become the recommended hyphenation patterns for Norwegian 
in the future. I hope to have proper support for them included in 
Babel at a later date.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (98.6k).

nohyph – Norwegian hyphenation

The directory holds the main Norwegian hypenation patterns, together with a couple of exception files, one for Norwegian Bokmål (nbhyph.tex) and one for Norwegian Nynorsk (nnhyph.tex). Each exception file may be used as a hyphenation file in its own right, since each also loads the main patterns.

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MaintainerKarl Ove Hufthammer
Rune Kleveland
Ole Michael Selberg
Contained inTeX Live as hyphen-norwegian
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