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The package contains the font files and pre-processor for printing Sanskrit in both devanagari and transliterated roman with diacritics.

Some features of the devanagari are:

  • Font available in three weights and two slopes.
  • The i-hooks connect to the consonant at the correct position.
  • Accents for all Vedas (23 symbols).
  • Accent marking in colour or grey shading.
  • Choice of basic character forms, and samyoga.
  • Dynamic option selection.
  • Range of inter- and intra-syllable spacing.
  • Vedic anusvaara and jihvaamuuliiya/upadhmaaniiya.
  • Crisper characters (to look good at poster size of 150mm/6-inches).

Some features of the transliterated roman:

  • Transliterated output in roman script with diacritics, using the same encoding scheme as for producing devanaagarii.
  • Technical transliterated output using four 'cases', following the style of S.M.Katre in his translation of the A.s.taadhyaayii.
  • Each transliteration mode has four styles: roman/italic x bold/normal.

The font and supporting files are designed for use with ; it is a bitmap font using .


If sktbugxx.txt files exist, you may want to implement any changes or patches first.

Run the metafont program on the eight font source files (the typical command would be mf "\mode=ljfour; mag=1; input skt8;" to produce the .tfm files. If you are using dvips, then the .pk files will be produced automatically on demand; if not, then you will need to

  1. Convert the .gf files with the command gftopk skt8.600gf (the number '600' depends upon your printer resolution and the magnification) to produce skt8.pk which must be copied to the appropriate subdirectory.
  2. Repeat this process with all eight fonts.
  3. For the six skt*10.mf files the whole process needs to be repeated with the mag value in the mf command set to 1.095, 1.2, 1.44, 1.728, 2.074 and 2.488.

The mf_inputs path needs to point to the files with a .mf extension; the tex_fonts path should point to the .tfm files; the tex_inputs path should point to the files skt.sty, ot1skt.fd. The tex_exe (or other appropriate) path should point to skt.exe.

To test the setup on the documentation file: first run the pre-processor skt sktdoc and then latex sktdoc. The files ifthen.sty, relsize.sty, xcolor.sty and multicol.sty are also required.

The files that you should have are:

readme.txt This file.

skt.sty Style file () for the skt-series fonts.

ot1skt.fd Font descriptor file for the skt-series fonts.

skt.c Pre-processor source program in ANSI C.

sktdoc.skt Source file of documentation and samples.

sktdoc.ps Print file of documentation and samples.

sktdefs.mf Common definitions of pens, macros, etc. for skt-series fonts.

sktchars.mf Common character source file for skt-series fonts.

sktligs.mf Ligature codes (in fact access codes for non-printing ASCII code characters) for skt-series fonts.

skt8.mf source file for skt font at 8pt upright.

skt9.mf source file for skt font at 9pt upright.

skt10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt upright.

sktb10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt upright bold.

sktf10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt upright feint.

skts10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt slanted.

sktbs10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt bold slant.

sktfs10.mf source file for skt font at 10pt feint slant.

skt*.tfm Eight .tfm font files for above.

sktbugxx.txt There may be a series of such files, where ‘xx’ is a two-digit number, listing reported bugs and (possibly) fixes or patches.


  • Revision 1.0 1996/02/13 Charles Wikner wikner@nacdh4.nac.ac.za
  • Revision 2.0 1996/11/27 Charles Wikner wikner@nacdh4.nac.ac.za
  • Revision 2.2 2002/01/02 Charles Wikner wikner@nac.ac.za
  • Revision 2.2.1 2016/09/01 Václav Haisman vhaisman@gmail.com
  • Revision 2.2.2 2017/02/22 Václav Haisman vhaisman@gmail.com

I, Václav Haisman, am only a maintainer pro tempore. If you are reading this and you have patches to submit and actual interest in and knowledge of Sanskrit and , do not hesitate to ask for maintainership of this package. I will gladly pass the baton over to you.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.8M).

sanskrit – Sanskrit support

A font and pre-processor suitable for the production of documents written in Sanskrit. Type 1 versions of the fonts are available.

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Charles Wikner (inactive)
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