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This is a Cont port of a famous sudoku solver by Peter Norvig. It provides five commands, as well as a command handler:

  1. \sudoku typesets a sudoku if valid.
  2. \sudokufile typesets a sudoku from a file if valid.
  3. \solvesudoku solves a sudoku if valid.
  4. \solvesudokufile solves a sudoku from a file if valid.
  5. \randomsudoku creates a random, unsolved sudoku.
  6. \sudokubuffer typesets a sudoku from a buffer.
  7. \solvesudokubuffer solves a sudoku from a buffer if valid.
  8. \setupsudoku is the command handler for commands above.

\setupsudoku understands the following parameters:

     n=17] % for random sudokus

As you might notice, sudokus are just TABLE's in disguise, but only certain parameters are passed in order to enforce constraints and keep a sudoku in square shape.

If an invalid sudoku or sudoku file is provided, a placeholder with an error message is printed instead. To change message errors, set something like this:

     placeholderlabela=First error,
     placeholderlabelb=Second error,
     placeholderlabelc=Third error,
     placeholderlabeld=Number too low]

For actual examples, check t-sudoku.mkvi.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (11.8k).

context-sudoku – Sudokus for Cont

A port of Peter Norvig's sudoku solver to Lua/Cont. It provides four basic commands for typesettings sudokus, as well as a command handler.

Version 2023-06-03
LicensesMIT License
MaintainerJairo A. del Rio
Contained inTeX Live as context-sudoku
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