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This is the style file for "TeXemplares", the journal of CervanTeX, 
the Spanish TeX User's Group.

There is nothing new in it except a few new commands and a new 
implemetations of the verbatim environment.

It is far from finished and is very likely to change.

New commands
- \issue{<issue>}{<from>}{<to>}

  The issue number and the page range

- \articlemark{<Title>}

  The title to be used un headers

- |<verb>|

  The text enclosed is typeset verbatim, with line breaking allowed.


This environment is reimplemented to overcome the problems of the 
standard verbatim or the reimplemetation in the verbatim package:
- the space before \end{verbatim} which could produced unwanted
  blank lines is ignored,
- the text is typeset as read, and not first read in full
  (or line by line) and then typeset,
- the text following \end{verbatim} is not removed,
- spaces and even a line-feed are allowed between \end and {verbatim}.

You may introduce changes inside the verbatim environment with 
one-letter commands defined with \verbcommand{letter}{definition}.  
The changes introduced are in effect immediatly and these commands are 
independent from the `standard' definitions.  Spaces following them 
are not ignored.  The letter `e' is not allowed!



Type answer (y/n): \1y\0


\verbcommand{1}{\bgroup\rmfamily\itshape\catcode`\ =12}

\def\hello{hello}   % \1A silly assignment\0

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (7.8k).

texemplar – A class for the journal of Cervan

Cervan is the Spanish User's Group.

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