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apa.cls LaTeX2e document class; version 1.3.4 of December, 2008

apa.cls is a LaTeX2e class file that makes your document conform to
the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual (Fifth 
Edition, 2001) specifications for manuscripts or to the APA journal 
look found in journals like the Journal of Experimental Psychology. 
In addition, it provides a regular LaTeX-like output with a few 
enhancements and APA-motivated changes.

This is a document *class* which uses (and modifies) other packages to
achieve strictly defined formatting results and also uses the apacite
package (sty & bst) for citations and references.  If you only want 
APA-like citation for other kinds of documents use apacite.sty with 
an appropriate class.  In particular, apa.cls is *NOT* appropriate for 
your thesis; don't even consider using it for that purpose.

In order to use this document class you need some packages that may
not be present in your LaTeX distribution.  Please read apacls.txt
carefully to understand what you need to install and what is possible
with apa.cls, then read examples.txt carefully to understand how to
use apa.cls (macros and instructions).  Check out apaexample.tex, a 
minimal example file that produces actual manuscript-like output.

apa.cls is not in any way connected to, endorsed by, or probably known 
at all at the American Psychological Association.  APA does not even 
accept manuscript submissions in LaTeX source.  The author of apa.cls
has made every effort to achieve typesetting results conforming to 
the APA manual, because he uses it for his manuscripts.  However, he 
is not responsible if the editor does not approve of a manuscript 
typeset with apa.cls, if your computer blows up while processing your 
manuscript with apa.cls, or for anything else that may go wrong with
apa.cls, or with anything else for that matter.

Athanassios Protopapas
December 2008


List of files in distribution:

README           This file
LICENCE          apa.cls terms of distribution and use
apa.cls          The APA-style document class
CHANGELOG.txt    A text file documenting apa.cls updates
apacls.txt       Instructions for using apa.cls (plain text)
apacls.html      Description of apa.cls and usage instructions (HTML)
apaenum.txt      Instructions for using APA list environments
examples.txt     Guide with examples of correct apa.cls macro usage
apaexample.tex   Sample APA-style manuscript using apa.cls
examplebib.bib   Sample bibliography file accompanying apaexample.tex
APAendfloat.cfg  Configuration file to make endfloat aware of longtable
                 and sideways table floating environments
*.apa            Language-specific definitions of special APA-style 
                 strings (section headings)

Distribution maintainers: Please include *.apa and APAendfloat.cfg 
configuration files with the apa.cls distribution under tex/latex/apa

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (48.6k).

apa – American Psychological Association format

A class to format text according to the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (5th ed.) specifications for manuscripts or to the APA journal look found in journals like the Journal of Experimental Psychology etc. In addition, it provides regular -like output with a few enhancements and APA-motivated changes.

Note that the apa7 class (covering the 7th edition of the manual) and apa6 (covering the 6th edition of the manual) are now commonly in use.

Apacite, which used to work with this class, has been updated for use with apa6.

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