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biblatex software style

This directory contains the reference biblatex implementation of a bibliography style extension that includes software-specific entries.

Relevant files

The key files are the following:

  • software.bbx for the bibliography style extension
  • software.dbx for the data model extension to support the new entries
  • english-software.lbx and french-software.lbx for the localization
  • software-biblatex.sty the package to include for using the style as an extension

The distribution contains other material, for demonstration purposes, and for more advanced use.


Full documentation of the style, with a description of the new entries and fields and detailed examples, is in software-biblatex.tex; a compiled PDF version is included as software-biblatex.pdf for ease of reference.

We recall briefly here the two main approaches available for using this style extension.

Using the software biblatex style as an extension

The simplest way to use this style is to follow the example given in the file sample-use-sty.tex that shows how one can extend any existing biblatex style by simply doing the following:

  • pass the datamodel=software option to the biblatex package
  • load the software biblatex style with \usepackage{software-biblatex}
  • set software specific bibliography options using the macro \ExecuteBibliographyOptions; the options with their default values are as in \ExecuteBibliographyOptions{halid=true,swhid=true,swlabels=true,vcs=true,license=true}

This approach is extremely simple: it only requires that you include the relevant files mentioned above in the directory where your file is located.

Generating biblatex styles that include the software entries

It may be useful to generate a new biblatex style that includes support for the software entries right away.

A simple mechanism is provided for this use case:

  • add to the stublist file the names of all the existing styles one needs to extend
  • run make biblatex-styles to produce new style files, with an added +sw suffix, for each of the existing style
  • install the newly generated files in the standard path where biblatex files are found

The stock stublist file contains the names of all the standard biblatex styles. If this approach is followed, then one can load directly the extended file, and the software specific bibliography options become available when loading the biblatex package directly. See the sample.tex file for a concrete example.


This material is subject to the LATEX Project Public License version 1.3 or (at your option) any later version.

Contact author

This style is maintained by Roberto Di Cosmo <roberto@dicosmo.org>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (316.2k).

biblatex-software – Bib stylefiles for software products

This package implements software entry types for Bib in the form of a bibliography style extension.  It requires the Biber backend.

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Version1.2-5 2022-08-02
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2020–2022 Roberto Di Cosmo
MaintainerRoberto Di Cosmo
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