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% (C) Lars Madsen, daleif@imf.au.dk, 2008/01/17
% This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
% See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html 
% for the details of that license.

The dlfltxb bundle consists of (currently) four packages used for my
book "Introduktion til LaTeX" (in Danish, available from

One package consists of various home made macros (in the book
presented as code tips), which are also useful for other users. The
remaining three  packages are used internally for writing the book.

At least one more package (dlfltxbsc) will be added to the bundle
later. This is the package used for all the
examples in the book.


 * 20070601 added new versions of dlfltxbcodetips and

 * 20070604 made dlfltxbcodetips more compatible with the mathdesign
   package by adding the 'noamssymb' option

 * 20070710 bugfix in dlfltxbcodetips (the counter aliasing in
   \NewShadedTheorem should now work as intended)

 * 20070711 bugfix in dlfltxbcodetips (coding error in \ArrowBetweenLines)

 * 20080117 added the dlfltxbtocconfig package

 * 20080122 small changes to dlfltxbtocconfig

 * 20080805 changes to several packages	

 * 20081030 renamed a file because of confusion

 * 20100304 updated packages for todays releace

Current file contents for the dlfltxb bundle:

dlfltxbcodetips (v0.5):

 * dlfltxbcodetips.sty
 * dlfltxbcodetips.pdf (manual)
 * dlfltxbcodetips.tex (source for the manual)
   The dlfltxbcodetips package contains macros:

   * \bigtimes (without the need for extra fonts)
   * \nuparrow, \ndownarrow (using graphicx and \nrightarrow and \nleftarrow)
   * \InsertTheoremBreak for inserting a 'linebreak' before the start of
     a list, when that list is the first part of a theorem text
   * a series of macros for helping with alignment in formulas
   * \NewShadedTheorem for auto creating shaded theorems with the
     ntheorem package (requires the user to load the (x)color and framed
     packages and define the shadecolor, and of course using ntheorem)
   * \ProvidePGFPagesFourOnOneWithSpaceForNotes provides a 
     '4 on 1 with space for notes' layout for pgfpages, based on the
      standard '8 on 1'
   * \OverloadUnderscoreInMath, after which _ will be overloaded in
     math-mode, such that X_|max| = X_{\textup{max}}
   * \DeclareMathSymbolShorthand and hence \DeclareMathSet for
   * creating easy shortcuts to various symbols, such as \setR for
     \mathbb{R} (the real numbers), we promote the method of using
     shortcuts that have a meaning with out the definition of the
     shortcut it self


  v0.2 Better implementations of \nuparrow, \ndownarrow and bigtimes,
       all due to Enrico Gregorio. Also changed the implementation of
       \NewShadedTheorem such that the environment giving the
       bagground is now configurable.
 v0.23 Made the autoloading of amssymb optional.
 v0.25 Bugfix.
 v0.26 Bugfix.
 v0.30 added \ProvidePGFPagesFourOnOneWithSpaceForNotes
 v0.40 added \MoveEqLeft (renamed from \PullBack),
       \OverloadUnderscoreInMath, \DeclareMathSet,
 v0.5  Removed \MoveEqLeft, \ArrowBetweenLines, \SwapDeadSpace
       They have a new home in the mathtools package
       \nuparrow and \ndownarrow delayed until begin document, 
       such that they can better detect for missing symbols

dlfltxbmarkup (v0.70):

 * dlfltxbmarkup.sty
 * dlfltxbmarkup.pdf (manual)
 * dlfltxbmarkup.tex (source for the manual)
 * dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg (sample configuration file, actually the
   keys I currently use for the book)
 * dlfltxbmarkup-showkeys.tex (a file that can be used to print a list
   of category keys and their description)
 * dlfltxbmarkup-showkeys.pdf (sample description file showing the
 * contents of dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg)

   The dlfltxbmarkup package provides:
   * \markup for marking up words etc. in the text. The context is
     controlled by user defined category keys. \markup can
     automatically write in the text, in the (outer) margin and adding
     the word to the index (in several places if so defined in the key
   * \felineGenerateKey for generating category keys

   The dlfltxbmarkup package requires the use of the memoir
   class. Currently I do not plan on creating a version the is not
   dependant of memoir.


 20070601 new version of dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg
 20080117 new version of dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg plus a bug fix
 20080805 use \scriptsize instead of \footnotesize when writing in the
          margins. Major cleanup in dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg 
 20081030 The sample key dlfltxbmarkup-sample.cfg has been renamed to
          dlfltxbmarkupbookkeys.sty as to remove confusion
 20100304 several new keys added to dlfltxbmarkupbookkeys.sty

dlfltxbmisc (v0.3):

 * dlfltxbmisc.sty
 * dlfltxbmisc.pdf (manual)
 * dlfltxbmics.tex (source for the manual)

   The dlfltxbmisc package provides

   * macros for writing sample LaTeX arguments
   * two simple environments for displaying syntax
   * the \addurl (bad name) that I use for specially wrapping URLs in
     the bibliography


 2008/01/01 fixed to accommodate changes in mempatch version 4.9
 2010/03/04 added \CTAN macro

dlfltxbtocconfig (0.7)

  * dlfltxbtocconfig.sty
  * dlfltxbtocconfig.pdf (very short manual)
  * dlfltxbtocconfig.tex (source for manual)

    The dlfltxbtocconfig package provides

    * macros for creating the short and long TOC for my LaTeX book
    * macros to 'dynamically' change the TOC indentation for subsubsection items
    * feature for setting auto-generated numwidths for section and
      subsection based on the contents of the .toc file.  
      (rewritten in version 0.7)


 2008/01/17 Initial release
 2008/01/22 Made the ToC titles configurable using \contentsname and a 
            provided \shortcontentsname
 2008/08/05 some reconfiguration of the look of the short toc.
 2010/03/04 toc configuration heavyly changed, autoadjusting now use 
            undocumented features in memoir (benefit of being memoir maintainer ;-)


   Bibliographic information used by all three documentations.

dlfltxbbibtex.bst, .dbj:

Bibtex style and makebst driver used for the book.

If you choose to change the bibtex style using the dbj file, please rename it first.


Place all *.sty files in 


All *.tex *.bib *.pdf and README in


The .bst file in


/Lars Madsen

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (721.1k).

dlfltxb – Macros related to "Introdktion til "

The bundle contains various macros either used for creating the author’s book “Introduktion til ” (in Danish), or presented in the book as code tips.

The bundle comprises:

  • dlfltxbcodetips: various macros helpful in typesetting mathematics;
  • dlfltxbmarkup: provides macros used throughout, for registering macro names, packages etc. in the text, in the margin and in the index, all by using categorised keys (note, a configuration file may be used; a sample is included in the distribution);
  • dlfltxbtocconfig: macros for the two tables of contents that the book has;
  • dlfltxbmisc: various macros for typesetting arguments, and the macro used in the bibliography that can wrap a URL up into a entry.

Interested parties may review the book itself on the web at the author’s institution (it is written in Danish).

Version 2010-03-04
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