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README.flt                                                   30 Mar. 1995
                                                     Revised 22 June 1995
                                                     Revised 12 Sept. 1995
                                                     Revised 10 Feb. 1997 
                                                     Revised 15 Aug. 1998
                                                     Revised 17 Oct. 2002
                                                     Revised 29 Oct. 2002
                                                     Revised 10 May  2006
                                                     Revised 29 Jan  2008

     README and INSTALLATION Instructions for FoilTeX Version 2.1.4b

The FoilTeX is a collection of LaTeX files for making foils.  A number
of features are built-in including large sans serif font as normal
font, options for setting normalsize at 20pt (default), 17pt, 25pt or
30pt, new macros for starting new foils, for special environments like
Theorem and Proof, simple macros to control the headline and footline.
With Rokicki's dvips or Y&Y's dvipsone, it will even rotate individual
foils easily.  More in formation can be found in the documentation
(foiltex.dtx, a LaTeX2e file).
Revision for 12 Sept. 1995 requires LaTeX2e, 1995/06/01, patch level 3.

Revision for 10 Feb. 1997 was tested with LaTeX2e, 1996/12/01.  It
might work with earlier versions (if you stay away from the EC fonts
or use the new useDCfonts option).  Added in this release is support
for EC fonts 1.0 and the previous DC fonts version 1.3 (and perhaps
1.2) as well as some minor bug fixes.  

Revision for 15 Aug. 1998 is for version 2.1.3 which has more bug fixes
and a few extra enhancements.

Revision for 17 Oct. 2002 is for version 2.1.4 which has fixes for
interoperability problems with other packages (hyperref, VTeX and

Revision for 29 Oct. 2002 is for version 2.1.4a and has minor fixes
but also enables better cooperation between dvips and Ghostview
(landscape isn't upside down!).

Revision for 10 May 2006 only repairs a problem in foiltex.ins file
that was incompatable with recent versions of docstrip.  Version
number of basic package stays the same.

Revision for 28 Jan. 2008 is for version 2.1.4b and fixes a minor
incompatibility with hyperref 6.77a.


  Questions, comments or suggestions concerning this program can be
  sent to 
     James (Jim) Hafner
     IBM Research Division
     Almaden Research Center, K56-B2
     650 Harry Road
     San Jose, CA 95120-6099
     email: hafner@almaden.ibm.com

  Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1995,1997,1998,2002,2008
  All rights reserved

  Use of this code implies understanding, agreement and acceptance of
  all terms and conditions stated in the WARRANTY DISCLAIMER and the
  USER AGREEMENT found in the header of the file <foiltex.ins> file as
  well as in the documentation.  In particular, this code can only be
  copied and redistributed under limited conditions.


The entire package consists of a number of files.  These are described
The package files:
  readme.flt        (this readme file)
  foiltex.ins       (driver file for unpacking the code)
  foiltex.dtx       (user guide and documented source)
These files unpack to generate the following: 
  The style files:
    foils.cls        (the main class file, analogous to "article.cls")
    fltfonts.def     (font definition file)
    foils.sty        (compatibility mode style file)
    foil17.clo       (sets normalsize to 17pt)
    foil20.clo       (sets normalsize to 20pt, the default, analogous to
    foil25.clo       (sets normalsize to 25pt, analogous to "art11.sty")
    foil30.clo       (sets normalsize to 30pt, analogous to "art12.sty")
    foilshrt.clo     (sets normalsize to 12pt, removes page breaks at 
                      new foils)
  Sample file:

Basic Assumption: 
  You must have an official version of LaTeX2e (after 12-96).

Run this version of LaTeX on the foiltex.ins file.  This will generate
all the necessary files.  Follow the final instructions, which
essentially means copying the appropriate files to their proper home
in your TeX tree.   See the documentation for how to set up a
foiltex.cfg file to set up some personal or system defaults for your

NOTE: Some TeX systems (tetex, perhaps) require additional steps than
the simple ones indicated above for installing new packages (e.g.,
rerunning some script that builds a small database of installed
packages).  See your TeX systems documentation for installing new
packages if you have problems installing FoilTeX with the instructions

After installation, you can test by running
  latex sampfoil


  If you have the older version of FoilTeX, you can do with it what
you did with your older version of LaTeX.  That is, leave it on your
system as a backup for those few FoilTeX files that won't run in the
new version in compatibility mode OR just delete all the old stuff.
You can probably delete any scripts which are FoilTeX-specific as well
as any man pages (for Unix types) as these are no longer relevant.  If
you care, you can have a "foiltex" script but it should simply be
equivalent to your "latex" script. 

If you have any of the above, please send them to the author, Jim
Hafner.  For address information, see the section RESTRICTIONS ON USE,
in this file.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (371.9k).

foiltex – A class for overhead transparencies

This is a venerable package, which used to have many admirers. It has not, however, been adopted by any of those developing screen-projector packages (as for example seminar was adopted by the developers of prosper).

The class may be used with fancybox to place a variety of borders around the slides.

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