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This topic con­tains pack­ages for slides, beam­ers, hand­outs, etc.

TikZ styles for cre­at­ing over­laid pic­tures in beamer.
Man­age frame num­ber­ing in ap­pendixes in beamer.
A class for pro­duc­ing pre­sen­ta­tions and slides.
Th­e­sis pre­sen­ta­tions us­ing beamer.
Assem­bling beamer frames ac­cord­ing to au­di­ence.
Sup­ple­men­tary outer and in­ner themes for beamer.
A flex­i­ble beamer color theme to max­i­mize vis­i­bil­ity.
Dark color themes for beamer.
Beamer, us­ing the style of FU Ber­lin.
Ex­tend beamer and a0­poster for cus­tom sized posters.
Right to left pre­sen­ta­tion with beamer and ba­bel.
Re­order frames in the PDF file.
Con­ve­nient mode se­lec­tion in Beamer doc­u­ments.
A beamer theme with 4 colour palettes.
A beamer theme de­signed for use in the Univer­sity of Leeds.
A sim­ple and clean theme for beamer class.
A min­i­mal­ist pre­sen­ta­tion theme for Beamer.
Con­tributed beamer theme.
A min­i­mal beamer style.
A mod­ern beamer theme.
A Beamer theme for aca­demic pre­sen­ta­tions.
A col­lec­tion of beamer themes.
A sim­ple beamer theme.
A beamer theme that in­cor­po­rates colours and fonts of Saint Peters­burg State Univer­sity.
A beamer theme for Texas A&M Univer­sity.
Beamer themes for Bos­ton Col­lege and the Univer­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia.
An in­tro­duc­tion to the Beamer class, in Por­tuguese.
A theme for the beamer class.
Ex­per­i­men­tal bidi pre­sen­ta­tion.
Sim­ple pre­sen­ta­tions us­ing Cont.
Beamer Tem­plate for Chongqing Univer­sity.
A sim­ple way to cre­ate dy­namic blocks for Beamer.
A sim­ple class for elec­tronic pre­sen­ta­tions.
An op­tion for ar­ti­cle style to make slides.
A class for pro­duc­ing nice-look­ing hand­outs.
Cus­tom pre­sen­ta­tion class built upon Beamer.
Freeform slides based on the ar­ti­cle class.
Beamer theme for the­sis de­fense pre­sen­ta­tions at Masaryk Univer­sity (Brno, Czech Repub­lic) .
In­ter­face be­tween foil­tex and 2HTML.
A class for over­head trans­paren­cies.
Free form slides with blocks placed on a grid.
Beamer-based class for GuIT pre­sen­ta­tions.
Foot­line se­lec­tion and con­fig­u­ra­tion for beamer’s stan­dard themes.
Create hand­out for au­di­tors of a talk.
Patches and im­prove­ments for pros­per.
Re­place­ment for the classes.
A sim­ple way to high­light for­mu­las and for­mula parts.
Unof­fi­cial beamer theme for the Univer­sity of Ho­hen­heim.
Pre­sen­ta­tion slides for screen and print­outs.
On-screen pre­sen­ta­tions for (al­most) all for­mats.
Lec­tures - A doc­u­ment class for quickly draft­ing nice look­ing lec­ture notes .
Beamer doc­u­ment class for MedS­tar Health Re­search In­sti­tute.
In­cre­men­tal slides.
Pdfpc viewer-com­pat­i­ble hy­per­links to movies.
Sup­port screen-based doc­u­ment de­sign.
Pre­sen­ta­tion slides us­ing pdf.
pg­for­na­ment li­brary for Chi­nese tra­di­tional mo­tifs and pat­terns.
A pre­sen­ta­tion class.
Pow­er­dot, us­ing the style of FU Ber­lin.
A post­pro­ces­sor for PDF pre­sen­ta­tions.
Pros­per pre­view.
Pre­sen­ta­tions with Plain .
Ex­am­ples from the book Pre­sen­ta­tio­nen mit .
Ex­am­ples from the book Pre­sen­ta­tions with .
class for high qual­ity slides.
Create and man­age graph­i­cal over­lays.
Make over­head slides.
Type­set slides ac­com­pa­nied by notes.
Class for cre­at­ing slides.
Gen­er­ate slideshow with .
Univer­sity of Southamp­ton-com­pli­ant slides.
Spot­light high­light­ing for Beamer.
Slides with head­ers and foot­ers.
Man­age­ment and styling of stu­dent hand­out projects.
A class for pre­sen­ta­tions.
Create dy­namic on­line pre­sen­ta­tions with .
A pack­age for con­fig­ur­ing pre­sen­ta­tion fonts.
Colour fa­cil­i­ties for Sli.
Beamer and scrlt­tr2 classes and styles for the Univer­sity of Re­gens­burg .
Slides with a sim­ple Power Point like ap­pear­ance.
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