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Directory macros/latex/contrib/footbib

To create the style file footbib.sty, proceed as follows:

1) unpack the archive in a directory
2) in this directory, process the file footbib.ins through the command

       tex footbib.ins

3) copy the file footbib.sty to a place where LaTeX searches for style files

To create the documentation of the package, process the file footbib.dtx through the

	latex footbib.dtx
	pdflatex footbib.dtx

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (217.8k).

footbib – Bibliographic references as footnotes

The package makes bibliographic references appear as footnotes. It defines a command \footcite which is similar to the \cite command but the references cited in this way appear at the bottom of the pages. This ‘foot bibliography’ does not conflict with the standard one and both may exist simultaneously in a document. The command \cite may still be used to produce the standard bibliography.

The foot bibliography uses its own style and bibliographic database which may be specified independently of the standard one. Any standard bibliography style may be used.

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