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Interfaces  provides  a small number of macros  to modify the settings
^^^^^^^^^^ of a large number of parameters provided by Most Frequently
  Used Packages (MFUP!) for typesetting beautiful documents with LaTeX.

The macros shares a standardized syntax of the form key=value. The key
names are intuitive:  font, top, bottom,  left, right,  bookmark, bold,
italic, color, twocolumns, title, pagestyle, before, after, indent etc.

Interfaces  DOES  NOT  provide  any new feature,  except  \repeatcell,
\rowfont, and \bookmarksetup (as long as the bookmark package does not
`steal' them to interfaces...  what whould be considered as a favour!)

A  few  macros  are  modified.   The  complete  list  is  included  in
interfaces.pdf, with explainations.

          *           *            *             *
Interfaces  is organised in different modules  which are  loaded after
the master package is loaded. Each module can be loaded separately.

Commands provided: (each in a distinct module) -----------------------

\sectionformat: interface  for package  titlesec  to modify the titles
           produced by the sectionning commands (and their bookmarks).
           replaces  \titleformat,  \titlespacing and \titleclass  and
           is compatible with them.

\pagesetup: interface for package fancyhdr  to modify the current page
            style or create new page styles.  Replaces \fancypagestyle
            \fancyhf, \fancyhfoffset, \renewcommand\headrulewidth etc.

\tocsetup: interface  for package tocloft  to fine tune  the aspect of
   the table of contents, list of figures / of tables.  \tocsetup also
    applies to  \shorttableofcontents provided by the shorttoc package.
    Facility to make  multi-columns  table(s) of contents  is included,
    give a label for the table of contents/of figures/of tables...
    give them a bookmark. Replaces a lot of tocloft' control sequences.

\repeatcell: to  create   `dynamic'  tabulars,  possibly with  formulas
    computation:  \numexpr,  \pgfmathparse or  \FPeval  formulas can be
    plugged in the tabular or array, with the possibility to transpose.

+ some macros to make easier the use of e-TeX \marks registers (useful
                                   with \sectionformat and \pagesetup).

\trunctext and \htruncadjust are provided in order to take advantage of
                          the code provided by the package truncate.sty

Interfaces  is mainly based on  scrlfile.sty  ( provided  in the  Koma-
   Script bundle, but Koma-Script classes are not required), on pgfkeys
   and etoolbox.

Interfaces  defines some  pgfkeys  handlers designed specially  to make
key-value  interfaces for other packages.  Using those  handlers permit
the design  of an interface  in a few minutes... (well,  good knowledge
of pgfkeys is required ;-)

. \bookmarksetup is also enhanced with starred keys.

. Facility to load TikZ libraries and pgf modules is provided via \usetikz.

. \pgfkeys is enhanced with a new ``default'' value in case the value is blank.

. scrlfile's \AfterFile and \BeforeFile have starred forms.
(c) lppl 2010 FC.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (849.4k).

interfaces – Set parameters for other packages, conveniently

The package provides a small number of convenient macros that access features in other frequently-used packages, or provide interfaces to other useful facilities such as the pdf \pdfelapsedtime primitive. Most of these macros use pgfkeys to provide a key-value syntax. The package also uses the package scrlfile from the Koma-Script bundle (for controlled loading of other files) and etoolbox.

The package is bundled with sub-packages containing actual interfaces: by default, the package loads all available sub-packages, but techniques are provided for the user to select no more than the interfaces needed for a job.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright2010 Florent Chervet
MaintainerFlorent Chervet
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