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%%%%%%%% This directory contains the package

 name: knowledge
 license: LaTeX Project Public License version 1.2 or above
 version: v1.28
 date: 2022/02/12
 author: Thomas Colcombet
 mail: thomas.colcombet@irif.fr
 web: https://ctan.org/pkg/knowledge


The knowledge package for offers a systematic way to handle notions/concepts/terms throughout a document. In combination with hyperref, it is used for easily handling links inside a document (every use of a concept is linked to its introduction), or outside the document (for centralizing the url's in a separate part). It also helps building an index, and deals with scoping of concepts as well as mathematics. It is designed to–as much as possible–not interfere with the writing of the document.


It is sufficient to have the file knowledge.sty accessible by . It can be produced by make knowledge.sty if necessary. The documentation is in the file knowledge.pdf. A starting example can be found in knowledge-example.tex.

Content of knowledge-sources.zip:

  • README.md: this file generated while compiling knowledge.ins, the content is in knowledge-code.dtx
  • knowledge.sty: the package file (generated using knowledge.ins)
  • knowledge.pdf: the user documentation (generated by compiling knowledge.tex)
  • knowledge.tex: the tex file producing the knowledge.pdf.
  • makefile: the makefile. Use 'make all' to generate knowledge.sty and knowledge.pdf. It can also: clean the directory, make zip version of the sources, or ready for CTAN.
  • knowledge.ins: is the file generating knowledge.sty and README.md from knowledge-code.dtx (using docstrip).
  • knowledge-code.dtx: most of the code. Can be compiled to provided a longer documentation.
  • knowledge-configuration.dtx: file containing part of the configuration.
  • knowledge-utils.dtx: file containing several pieces of code not really related specifically to knowledge
  • knowledge-example.tex: an example file.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (846.8k).

knowledge – Displaying, hyperlinking, and indexing notions in a document

The package offers a systematic way to handle notions/concepts/terms throughout a document. It helps building an index. In combination with hyperref it makes it easy to have every reference of a concept linked to its introduction. It also offers simple notations.

Version1.28 2022-02-12
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.2
Copyright2016–2020 Thomas Colcombet
MaintainerThomas Colcombet
Contained inTeX Live as knowledge
MiKTeX as knowledge
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