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Experimental 3

This topic contains packages which uses experimental 3.

class file for the Marathi journal ‘Aalok’.
Typeset acronyms.
Support for syllables in the Devanagari script.
Automatically typeset the academic year (French way).
support for creating association matrices.
A comprehensive Bangla package.
Support for Japanese holidays.
Constructions with braces to present mathematical demonstrations.
A key-value document command parser.
Expandable conditional commands for .
Accept CSS-like selectors in tabular, array, ….
Command for typesetting chemical formulas and reactions.
A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents.
A method for numbering chemical compounds.
Cite classic works.
tools and documenting facilities.
Typeset code with annotations.
Highlighted source code in a fancy box.
Highlight code and demos with l3regex and lpeg.
Typeset and convert units for cookery books and recipes.
Simple CSV file processing.
A package to store and display data with custom filters, orders, and styles.
An easy way to create Decision Model and Notation decision tables.
Nice and easy derivatives.
Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ.
Typeset Chinese theses or books.
Formal proofs in the style of sequent calculus.
Upright brackets in emphasised text.
Emoji support in (Lua).
Add emojis to citations.
Easy creation of potential energy curve diagrams.
Support for end-notes.
Utilities built around expl3.
Expandable token list operations.
Using expl3 to implement some numerical algorithms.
Create exercise sheets and exams.
Symbol manipulation for breqn.
Manage footnote marks’ interaction with punctuation.
A crossover of align* and enumerate.
Globally harmonised system of chemical (etc) naming.
Typeset EAN barcodes using rules, only.
Boxed Chinese characters with Pinyin above and translation below.
An implementation of Hobby’s algorithm for PGF/TikZ.
Japanese document class based on requirements for Japanese text layout.
Multi-weight Japanese font support for the jlreq class.
Typeset kanbun-kundoku with support for kanbun annotation.
Key based parser.
Displaying, hyperlinking, and indexing notions in a document.
3 backend drivers.
Collect and order authors and affiliations.
Attribute-value matrices and feature structures for use in linguistics.
Left indices with better spacing.
Express lengths in arbitrary units.
Draw arrows over math letters.
Easy access to the Lorem Ipsum and other dummy texts.
Typesets long division.
Provide a graph datastructure for experimental 3.
Fixes for mathematics-related Lua issues.
Typeset Mahjong Tiles using MPSZ Notation.
\newcommand-like commands for defining math macros.
Multimedia inclusion for the dvisvgm backend.
Multimedia inclusion package with Adobe Reader-9/X compatibility.
Spherical Mercator coordinate systems and Web Mercator tile integration.
Typeset metric marks for Latin text.
Drawing molecular orbital diagrams.
Decorative rules between columns.
definitions with named parameters.
Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF.
Select colors with proper WCAG color contrast.
Integrating notes into the bibliography.
Counters spelled out in Portuguese.
Numerically evaluate mathematical expressions in form.
Iteration and recurrence relations: finding fixed points, zeros and extrema of functions.
Create multi-column tables of mathematical functions.
A thesis template package for Northwest A&F University, China.
Drop-in replacement for ‘ocgx’ and ‘ocg-p’.
Define simple macros for greek letters.
Draw beautiful Pascal (Yanghui) triangles.
A style for overlaying text on a PDF.
Define pgfmath functions using xfp.
Typesetting telephone numbers with .
Manage the options and loading order of other packages.
Poor man’s Hangul Jamo input method.
Straightforward pseudocode.
Execute Python code on the fly in your documents.
Create QR bills using .
Random walks using TikZ.
Rebecca Turner’s personal macros and styles for typesetting mathematics notes.
Commands to typeset recursion theory papers.
Provide 3 commands for typesetting rules.
Stores contents in memory or files.
A macro to format section numbering intuitively.
Semantic, keyval-based mathematics.
Deals with stripped Seman documents.
A simple package to format Backus-Naur form (BNF).
A comprehensive (SI) units package.
Placeholders for unfinished documents.
Automatic math symbol styling for documents.
Manipulate “soft paths” in PGF.
Customize superscripts and subscripts.
A database of chemicals.
Typeset tabulars and arrays with 3.
Tools for experimenting with tagging using pdf and Lua.
Horizontally columned lists.
The package provides support for terminal-based menus using expl3.
Simulate Win10, Ubuntu, and Mac terminals.
Kashida justification in XeLaTeX and Lua.
A collection of cute little animals and similar creatures.
Extend longtable with cells that merge hierarchically.
Plot graphs with TikZ abbreviations.
Watching digest tokens.
In-place argument substitution.
“Aligned” math environments with arrows for comments.
Support for CJK documents in XeLaTeX.
Fixes kashida feature in xepersian package.
Cistercian numerals in .
Automatically add pinyin to Chinese characters.
eXercise Sheets IMproved.
Create CJK character calligraphy practicing sheets.
Flexible cross-references with contextual checks based on zref.
Clever cross-references based on zref.
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