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                    PACKAGES KOI8 AND RAWPRINT

                        September 24, 1996

These packages are intended for typesetting Russian texts. 

1. Package koi8 (written by Uri Blumenthal <uri@watson.ibm.com> with
minor modifications by Boris Veytsman <boris@plmsc.psu.edu>).

It performs internal translation from the KOI-8 encoding (de-facto
standard of the UNIX world) to the so called ``alternative encoding''
used by most Cyrillic packages. You still need one of these packages
for the acual Russian typesetting. The style works with all major
Cyrillic packages: cmcyr, cmcyralt, LH. The usage is very simple:

In LaTeX2e

In LaTeX2.09

Substitute cmcyr or cmcyralt for lh if you use these packages.

2. Package rawprint 

This package is intended for ``quick and dirty'' printing of raw
(i.e. non-TeX) Russian texts by persons who (like me) do not have
Russian printer fonts (but have Cyrillic TeX). It makes #, $, % and &
``normal'' letters and converts the ``unisex'' quote character " into
Russian-style << and >> quotes. The usage (in LaTeX2e) is:



and the LaTeX2.09 usage should be quite obvious.

Please note that making % a letter is a rather drastic solution. Since
most LaTeX style files have some comments delimited by the percent
signs, the package rawprint must be invoked as the LAST one. The line
\usepackage{rawprint,lh} will cause you lots of grief.

Happy LaTeXing in Russian!

                Boris Veytsman <boris@plmsc.psu.edu>

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (3.0k).

koi8 – KOI-8 in­put sup­port

A pack­age to per­form in­ter­nal trans­la­tion from the KOI-8 en­cod­ing (de-facto stan­dard of the Rus­sian Unix world) to the “al­ter­na­tive en­cod­ing” used by most (pre-UTF-8) Cyril­lic pack­ages. You still need one of these pack­ages for the ac­tual Rus­sian type­set­ting. The style works with all ma­jor Cyril­lic pack­ages, in­clud­ing cm­cyr, cm­cyralt, LH.

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