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En­cod­ing jug­gle

This topic con­tains pack­ages for con­ver­sion be­tween en­cod­ings.

Translit­er­ate text from ‘other’ al­pha­bets
Gen­er­ate Knuthian en­cod­ing for text files
Ac­cept dif­fer­ent in­put en­cod­ings
KOI-8 in­put sup­port
Macros for type­set­ting Korean un­der Plain
Print raw Rus­sian text
san­i­tize um­lauts for MakeIn­dex and pdf
Con­vert­ing a string be­tween dif­fer­ent en­cod­ings
Giv­ing mean­ing to var­i­ous Uni­code space char­ac­ters
Con­vert­ing Uni­coded text to , HTML, etc
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