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This is the README file for the ppr-prv class (version 0.13c).
(C) 2003-2004 Mathieu Goutelle (INRIA, France)
CVSid: $Id: README,v 1.6 2005/09/02 15:42:38 mgoutell Exp $

This class is used with LaTeX presentations using the prosper class. ppr-prv
stands for "Prosper Preview". The aim of this class is to produce a printable
version of the slides written with Prosper, with two slides per page.

The installation of ppr-prv files follows the same scheme as any other package
installation on your distrib. You can consult this page from the UK TeX FAQ:

The common way to install it is:
  - to create the 'ppr-prv.cls' and 'HAP-ppr-prv.def' files: latex ppr-prv.ins ;
  - to create the 'ppr-prv.dvi' documentation: latex ppr-prv.dtx ;
  - install the 'ppr-prv.cls' file in a directory where LaTeX can find it.

You can send comments, bugs report or proposed improvements to the author by
email: <mgoutell[at]users[dot]sourceforge[dot]net>.

----[ Changelog ]----

  v. 0.13:
     * (0.13c) Bugfix: some (still!) missing prosper declarations
       (thanks to Pauli A Miettinen for reporting it) ;
     * (0.13b) Bugfix: no default definition when Babel language is not
       supported (thanks to Lasse Bach for reporting it) ;
     * Compatibility with HA-prosper 4.2 (\xitem particularly) ;
     * Some bug fixes in starred version of overlay macros.

  v. 0.12:
     * (0.12b) Bugfix: all key definitions were lost due to name inconsistency ;
     * Support for the onSlide macros added by HA-prosper ;
     * Use of the 'HAP-ppr-prv.def' file for the support of HA-prosper ;
     * Changes to support HA-prosper 4.0 (one undefined counter, some new
       seminar and prosper macros are needed).

  v. 0.11:
     * New ppr-prv option: nopagebreak, to have more than two slides per page ;
     * ppr-prv is now distributed as a .dtx file ;
     * Better handling of options: you can now pass to the article class the
       usual options for setting the paper and font sizes ;
     * Use of the 'geometry' package to set margins ;
     * I set a minimum height for the frame around the slides ;
     * Bugfix: the optional argument of itemstep was not handle when using
       HA-prosper ;
     * ppr-prv supports HA-prosper 3.9 ('indent' option on dualslide and 
       'enumstep' environment).

  v. 0.10:
     * Use of the 'float' package to declare the 'figure' and 'table' float as
       non-floating environment ([H] for HERE!) ;
     * I have removed some garbages in the code ;
     * I found an other bug in {from|until|only}Slide macros ;
     * Modifications to be compatible with HA-prosper v3.8 (starred version of
       \tsection macro and \dualslide command). The backward compatibility with
       previous version is unfornately not assured (due to \dualslide).

  v. 0.09:
     * The load of the babel package is now better detected ;
     * ppr-prv is now compatible with the patch for Prosper written by Hendri
       Adriaens (<URL:http://stuwww.uvt.nl/~hendri/Downloads/haprosper.html>).

  v. 0.08:
     * Modification of macro names to avoid clashes ;
     * Bug in {from|until|only}Slide macros because of definition of the starred
       version (thanks to Hendri Adriaens).

  v. 0.07:
     * Some improvements of the documentation while waiting for a .dtx ;
     * Add multi-language support with Babel. Currently supported languages are
       english, german and french (and all their variants). Other languages will
       come sooner.

  v. 0.06:
     * Add the 'a4paper' option passed to the article class ;
     * Bad spacing in title.

  v. 0.05:
     * Counter initialization problem: when there's no \maketitle, the slides
       are bad numbered.

  v. 0.04:
    * Forgotten to define the 'Itemize' environment and to gobble the optional
      parameter of the 'itemstep' environment ;
    * 'textcomp' package added (for the \textdegree macro).

  v. 0.03:
    * Better handling of the {only,until,from}Slide* macros.

  v. 0.02:
    * Cosmetic changes.

  v. 0.01:
    * First version.


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (320.8k).

ppr-prv – Prosper preview

This class is used with presentations using the prosper class. ppr-prv stands for ‘Prosper Preview’. The aim of this class is to produce a printable version of the slides written with Prosper, with two slides per page.

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MaintainerMathieu Goutelle
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