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			   TeXPower bundle
	   Creating dynamic online presentations with LaTeX

			    version (v0.2)
	    This readme file last changed on April 8th, 2005

Developers: Stephan Lehmke <mailto:Stephan.Lehmke@cs.uni-dortmund.de>
	    Lehrstuhl Informatik I
	    Universit´┐Żt Dortmund
	    Dortmund, Germany

	    Hans Fr. Nordhaug <mailto:hans@nordhaug.priv.no>
	    Molde, Norway


   TeXPower is a bundle of packages intended to provide
   an `all-inclusive' environment for designing pdf
   `screen presentations' to be viewed with Adobe Acrobat[tm]
   reader in full-screen mode, especially for projecting
   `online' with a video beamer.
   The features provided include:
   * `dynamic' features like incremental building of pages,
     animated diagrams and such.
   * support for `navigation panels'
   * support for page backgrounds
   * advanced color management (`logical markup' for colors supplying
     `color sets' for different background colors, `dimming' and inverting
     of colors etc.) and color highlighting.
   * advanced font configuration.


The TeXPower project homepage is located at SourceForge:


and contains amongst other precompiled docs/examples/demos.

The mailing list is also located at SourceForge:




So far, the bundle contains the following files and directories:

	This file.

	Installation instructions.
        Builds documentation and unpacks dtx-files.
        (Only useful on Unix-like systems.)

        Compiles all examples/demos into pdf format
        for viewing in Acrobat Reader (in full screen mode).
        (Only useful on Unix-like systems.)
        NB! Look into this file to see how to compile
            the examples/demos (also for Windows).

        Documented TeX source for the texpower package.

        Documented TeX source for the powersem class.

        Documented TeX source for the tplists package.

        Configuration files for the texpower package.

        Documented TeX source for auxilliary packages and classes which use or
        augment the TeXPower bundle.

        TeX source for documentation, examples and demos for the TeXPower
        bundle. Compiled examples can be downloaded from

        Docstrip batchfile that generates all the files described below from the
        texpower dtx-files (described above).

tpslifonts (directory)
	Contains the tpslifonts package and an example.

contrib (directory)
        Contains some additions to the TeXPower bundle contributed by other people.
Generated files:

texpower.sty (from texpower.dtx)

	Implements commands for presentation effects. This includes 
	* color management and highlighting;
	* incremental displaying of pages;
	* navigation helpers;
	* setting page backgrounds and `panels'.

	The code should work with all ways of PDF creation.

tpcolors.cfg (from texpower-cfg.dtx)
tpoptions.cfg (from texpower-cfg.dtx)
tpsettings.cfg (from texpower-cfg.dtx)

	Configuration files for texpower.sty.

powersem.cls (from powersem.dtx)

	A wrapper for seminar which sets up everything for dynamic
	presentations. For this alpha version, it doesn't do much
	more than load seminar.cls and do some bug fixes.

	\documentclass{powersem} should be used as a replacement for
	\documentclass{seminar}. powersem loads seminar and passes all
	options to seminar.

tplists.sty (from tplists.dtx)

        This package provides easy dynamic lists. 

automata.sty (from texpower-addons.dtx)

        Experimental package for drawing automata in the sense of
        theoretical computer science (using PSTricks) and animating
        them with TeXPower.
        Only DFA and Mealy automata are supported so far.

fixseminar.sty (from texpower-addons.dtx)

        A small fix to seminar in conjunction with pdf generation
        (respect magnification in page dimensions setting).

tppstcol.sty (from texpower-addons.dtx)

        A replacement for ``pstcol.sty'' with some quirks corrected.

tpsem-a4.sty (from texpower-addons.dtx)

        An LaTeX2e-fied sem-a4.sty (part of seminar).

FAQ-display.tex / FAQ-printout.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for the TeXPower bundle.
manual.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)
        Manual for the TeXPower bundle.

fulldemo.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Most examples in one file together with the manual.

*example.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Misc. examples for the TeXPower bundle.
*demo.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Misc. demos using the TeXPower bundle.

__TPpreamble.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Generic preamble used by most of the examples.
__TPcfg.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Configuration used in __TPpreamble.tex and the FAQ/manual.

__TPindexing.tex (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Indexing support for the manual/fulldemo.

fig-#.mps (from texpower-doc.dtx)
        Figures (in Metapost postscript format) used in the examples/demos.

dummy.java (from texpower-doc.dtx)

        Java code used in the fragilesteps test (in verbexample.tex).



Beware. This is work in progress. Use only if you know what you're
doing. During the subsequent error correction and extension of the
functionality, the syntax and implementation of the macros are liable
to change. 

Even though we are using dtx-files, they are still not fully 
documented dtx files.



The TeXPower bundle is distributed under the GNU General Public license

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (408.4k).

texpower – Create dynamic online presentations with

Power is a bundle of packages intended to provide an all-inclusive environment for designing pdf screen presentations to be viewed in full-screen mode, especially for projecting `online' with a video beamer. For some of its core functions, it uses code derived from ppower4 packages.

It is, however, not a complete environment in itself: it relies on an existing class for preparing slides (such as foiltex or seminar) or another package such as pdfslide.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerStephan Lehmke
Hans Fredrik Nordhaug
Contained inTeX Live as texpower
MiKTeX as texpower
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