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The Lualibs Package


DATE: 2023-07-13


Lualibs is a collection of Lua modules useful for general programming.

This work is based on Lua modules shipped with Cont, to make them available for use independent of Cont.

This package has been developed by the Lua development team on https://github.com/lualatex/lualibs.

The current version has been build by the 3 Project Team on https://github.com/latex3/lualibs/. The fontloader date equals the date of the context files.

See the 'NEWS' file for version history.


  1. If you are using Live 2010 or later use 'tlmgr install lualibs'. With miktex, use the miktex console. Alternatively, use your ( or Linux) distribution's package management system.
    1. Grab lualibs.tds.zip on CTAN.
    2. Unzip it at the root of one or your TDS trees.
    3. You may need to update some filename database after this, see your distribution's manual for details.


Source files:

file TDS location
lualibs.dtx source/luatex/lualibs/lualibs.dtx
lualibs-boolean.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-boolean.lua
lualibs-compat.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-compat.lua
lualibs-dir.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-dir.lua
lualibs-file.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-file.lua
lualibs-function.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-function.lua
lualibs-io.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-io.lua
lualibs-lpeg.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-lpeg.lua
lualibs-lua.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-lua.lua
lualibs-math.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-math.lua
lualibs-md5.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-md5.lua
lualibs-number.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-number.lua
lualibs-os.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-os.lua
lualibs-package.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-package.lua
lualibs-set.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-set.lua
lualibs-string.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-string.lua
lualibs-table.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-table.lua
lualibs-trac-inf.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-trac-inf.lua
lualibs-unicode.lua* tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-unicode.lua
lualibs-url.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-url.lua
lualibs-util-deb.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-deb.lua
lualibs-util-dim.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-dim.lua
lualibs-util-jsn.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-jsn.lua
lualibs-util-lua.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-lua.lua
lualibs-util-prs.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-prs.lua
lualibs-util-sac.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-sac.lua
lualibs-util-sta.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-sta.lua
lualibs-util-sto.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-sto.lua
lualibs-util-str.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-str.lua
lualibs-util-tab.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-tab.lua
lualibs-util-tpl.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-tpl.lua
lualibs-util-zip.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-util-zip.lua
LICENSE doc/luatex/lualibs/LICENSE
NEWS doc/luatex/lualibs/NEWS
README doc/luatex/lualibs/README

* the file has been modified to enable the unicode library again

Derived files:

file TDS location
lualibs.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs.lua
lualibs-basic.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-basic.lua
lualibs-basic-merged.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-basic-merged.lua
lualibs-extended.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-extended.lua
lualibs-extended-merged.lua tex/luatex/lualibs/lualibs-extended-merged.lua
lualibs.pdf doc/luatex/lualibs/lualibs.pdf

License and Copyright

As a derived work of Context, this work and the derived files are under the GNU GPL v.2.0 license. The full text of the license is included in the file LICENSE.

The files taken from Context (lualibs-.lua) are copyright PRAGMA ADE / Cont Development Team.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (276.2k).

lualibs – Additional Lua functions for Lua macro programmers

Lualibs is a collection of Lua modules useful for general programming.

The bundle is based on lua modules shipped with Cont, and made available in this bundle for use independent of Cont.

LicensesGNU General Public License, version 2
Copyright2009–2022 PRAGMA ADE / Cont Development Team / The Lua Dev Team
MaintainerPhilipp Gesang
The Project Team
√Člie Roux
TDS archivelualibs.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as lualibs
MiKTeX as lualibs
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