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THE XLTXTRA PACKAGE 2018/12/31 v0.7

This package was previously used to provide a number of small features that are useful for XeLaTeX. As of fontspec v2, many of these have now been incorporated into that package. More recently, other updates to itself have eliminated some of the workarounds previously included in this package.

This package therefore no longer does as much as it used to, but is still provided for backwards compatibility. A summary:

  • Loads fontspec.
  • Loads Andrew Moschou's metalogo package for customised \XeTeX and \XeLaTeX logos.
  • Loads the realscripts package to obtain OpenType-feature subscript and superscript glyphs in \textsuperscript etc., including in footnotes.
  • \showhyphens is redefined so it now works.
  • Defines the dubiously useful commands:
    • \vfrac - for vulgar fractions using OpenType features
    • \namedglyph - to access font glyphs by name

For more information see the documentation xltxtra.pdf.

Change History


  • Change internals for expl3 update.
    • Remove deprecated internal command \TeX@logo@spacing.
    • (No user-level changes.)


  • Replace definition of \showhyphens with one that properly replicates the plain definition in behaviour.


  • Remove the code for subscripts/superscripts and load the realscripts package instead.
    • (No user-level changes.)


  • Remove those parts that have been taken into fontspec v2.0.
    • (No user-level changes.)


  • Update internals for fontspec v2.0.
    • (No user-level changes.)


  • Bug fix for \LaTeX when [no-logos] is used. Thanks to Enrico Gregorio for finding this.

Will Robertson 2006-2016 Released under the Project Public License

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (104.2k).

xltxtra – “Extras” for users of

This package was previously used to provide a number of features that were useful for typesetting documents with XeLaTeX. Many of those features have now been incorporated into the fontspec package and other packages, but the package persists for backwards compatibility. Nowadays, loading xltxtra will: load the fontspec, metalogo, and realscripts packages; redefine \showhyphens so it works correctly; and define two extra commands: \vfrac and \namedglyph.

LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2006–2018 Will Robertson
MaintainerWill Robertson
Contained inTeX Live as xltxtra
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