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The dvi2xx family consists of the following programs:
       Dvilj2 converts TeX-output  .dvi  files  into  HP  PCL  (i.e.  HP
       Printer  Control Language) commands suitable for printing on a HP
       LaserJet+, HP LaserJet II and fully compatible printers.
       Dvilj2p converts TeX-output .dvi files into HP PCL commands suit-
       able  for  printing  on  a HP LaserJet IIp, HP LaserJet III or HP
       Laserjet 2000 and fully compatible printers. This version uses  a
       newer PCL command set and provides landscape printing.
       Dviljp and dvilj are similar to dvilj2p and dvilj2  but they sup-
       port  only 128  character  fonts.  They  may be used for Laserjet
       clones which do not support 256 character fonts.
       Dvi3812 converts TeX-output .dvi files into PMP files, the native
       command language of the IBM 3812 page printer.
binary versions are available for:
       - aix 3.1 rs6000
       - hpux 7.0 risc
       - msdos
       - os/2
       - ultrix 4.2 risc
       - SunOS 4.1 

Compilation of the program:
	under Unix: Makefile
	in MS-DOS: cut out relevant part of dvi2xx.make 
        under VMS: see README.vms

		most important:
			fontpath leading to font directories; can be
			overuled at runtiime by setting the
			environment variable TEXPXL or the command
			line option -a
			default: "/usr/local/lib/tex/pk300"
			(VMS default: "tex$pkdir:")

			Name of the program which is called to generate a pk
			file in a missing magnification
			default: "MakeTeXPK"
execution under MS-DOS:
		Name of the directory where the neewly generated fonts
		should be placed finally 
		default:  /usr/local/lib/tex/pk/pk300

		Name of the MetaFont program
		default: cmmf

		search path for metafont input files for MetaFont
		default: `pwd`:/usr/local/lib/mf/inputs


		directory for where the MetaFont compilation takes
		place, and where intermediate files are put in, and
		which is removed after the MakeTeXPK run.
		default:  /usr/tmp/mtpk.$$

        be sure that you install MakeTeXPK in a way that it is allowed
        to write to DESTDIR.
	location of perl (headerline)             /usr/local/bin/perl
	location of the tmp file (variable $tmpfile)
	name of dvi-filter and its options (variable $dvifilter)

dvi2xx – A general-purpose DVI output for Hewlett-Packard printers

This is one of the many DVI processors that reflected the popularity of low-cost Hewlett-Packard printers; it could also create output for the IBM 3812 page printer. It has now been superseded by dviljk (there seems to be no update that covers the IBM printer).

MaintainerWalter D. Neumann
TopicsDVI print
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