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%% ****** Start of file README ****** %
%%   This file is part of the APS files in the REVTeX 4 distribution.
%%   Version 4.0 of REVTeX, August 2001.
%%   Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001 The American Physical Society.

Last updated August 3, 2001

This file describes the contents of this distribution of REVTeX 4.0.
The definitive source of information about REVTeX 4 is the APS web
page http://publish.aps.org/revtex4/.

User queries should be directed to revtex@aps.org.

Only the files under 'Essential files' are required to run REVTeX 4.

                     Essential files
revtex4.cls  - The REVTeX 4 class file
aps.rtx      - APS specific REVTeX 4 customizations for Phys. Rev.
rmp.rtx      - APS specific REVTeX 4 customizations for Rev. Mod. Phys.
10pt.rtx     - 10 point size class option file for REVTeX.
11pt.rtx     - 11 point size class option file for REVTeX.
12pt.rtx     - 12 point size class option file for REVTeX.
apsrev.bst   - A new custom-bib based BibTeX style file for use with
               REVTeX 4 for Phys. Rev. style citations.
apsrmp.bst   - For Rev. Mod. Physics (author/year) style citations 
revsymb.sty  - A collection of common symbols for use outside of REVTeX.

                     Documentation files
(located in /docs subdirectory)
auguide.tex  - Author's guide to REVTeX 4 (Note: There is a
               separate "APS Compuscript Guide for REVTeX 4" detailing
               restrictions for APS submissions)
differ.tex   - "Differences between REVTeX 3 and REVTeX 4"
summary.tex  - "REVTeX 4 Command and Options Summary"
revbib.tex   - A short introduction to using BibTeX with REVTeX 4 (Not
               available yet)
docs.sty     - Used by auguide.tex and differ.tex

                     Sample files
(located in /sample subdirectory)
template.aps - A template for APS authors to follow
apssamp.tex  - A sample file showing how to achieve certain effects
               using REVTeX 4
fig_1.eps    - sample figure for apssamp.tex
fig_2.eps    - sample wide figure for apssamp.tex
apssamp.bib  - sample BibTeX source file for apssamp.tex

                     Source files
(located in /src subdirectory)
revtex4.dtx  - The commented source file for revtex4.cls and revsymb.sty.
revtex4.pdf  - PDF documentation generated from .dtx file
ltxgrid.dtx  - The commented source file for the ltxgrid package
ltxgrid.pdf  - PDF documentation generated from .dtx file
ltxutil.dtx  - The commented source file for the ltxutil package
ltxutil.pdf  - PDF documentation generated from .dtx file
ltxdocext.dtx - The commented source file for the ltxdocext package
ltxdocext.pdf - PDF documentation generated from .dtx file
textcase.dtx - The commented source file for the textcase package
revtex4.ins  - A docstrip (version 2.4 or higher) file for extracting
               revtex4.cls and revsymb.sty from the *.dtx files

Not Included   
The following packages are required by REVTeX but are not
included in this distribution. Please obtain from CTAN
(Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), e.g. <http://www.ctan.org/>. These
can also be downloaded from <http://publish.aps.org/revtex4/>.

natbib.dtx   - Version 7 or later needed
natbib.ins   - LaTeX this to create natbib.sty and natbib
               documentation from natbib.dtx
bm.dtx       - Bold math style - part of (current!) standard LaTeX2e tools
bm.sty       - generated from bm.dtx by running tools.ins

An up-to-date installation of AMS-LaTeX is also required for certain
documentclass options. Version 2.0 or higher is needed. It is
available from <http://www.ams.org/tex/>.

Recommended styles and packages
By implementing REVTeX as a native LaTeX2e document class, users can now 
take advantage of many of the well-supported LaTeX2e packages available.
Here are some that are particularly useful and recommended.

longtable.sty for tables running to multiple pages - part of a
standard LaTeX2e distribution.

hyperref.sty for hyperlinking - should work well with REVTeX 4.

graphics.sty and graphicx.sty for figure inclusion - part of LaTeX2e's
standard distribution.

To install REVTeX 4, put revtex4.cls, *.rtx, *.sty, and *.bst (files
listed under 'Essential Files' above) somewhere in your TEXINPUTS path
or whereever your TeX software looks for input files. Under the TDS,
you should install them into $TEXMFLOCAL/tex/latex/revtex4. The *.bst
files should go under $TEXMFLOCAL/bibtex/bst/revtex4. Run the
appropriate update command (texhash, initexmf -u, etc.). Install
required non-REVTeX packages (natbib and bm). Please consult the
documentaton for your local TeX package for more information. MikTeX
users should use version MikTeX 2.1.

David Carlisle created the initial versions of REVTeX 4 under
commission by the APS. Arthur Ogawa has extensively reworked those
early versions and added much new functionality. Mark Doyle, APS
Manager of Product Development coordinated the effort. The APS is the
maintainer of REVTeX 4, and all bugs are our responsibility.  Please
e-mail complaints to revtex@aps.org.

Backwards compatibility
The REVTeX 4 class file has been named revtex4.cls to distinguish it
from its predecessors. If the class file is copied to revtex.cls,
files created with earlier versions of REVTeX should still work.

LaTeX2e requirements
REVTeX 4 requires LaTeX2e [1996/06/01]

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.8M).

revtex4-0 – Styles for various Physics Journals (old version)

This is an old version of revtex, and is kept as a courtesy to users having difficulty with the incompatibility of that latest version.

Home pagehttps://journals.aps.org/revtex
LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2000,2020 The American Physical Society
MaintainerMark Doyle
Frank Mittelbach
Phelype Oleinik
Arthur Ogawa (inactive)
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