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This topic contains packages declared obsolete.

AMS-, original version (obsolete).
Antykwa Półtawskiego: a Type 1 family of Polish traditional type.
Support for Bahasa within babel.
(pdf) support for the Biolinum family of fonts.
Draw bit field data structure diagrams (obsolete).
Hyphenation of inflected languages, using CM fonts.
Prototype work on future citation engine.
Produce papers for Computers and Electronics in Agriculture.
Building tables one cell at a time.
Change the page layout in the middle of a document.
Generate GF format for CM.
PK bitmaps of the Computer Modern fonts.
Metric files for the Computer Modern fonts.
Type 3 outline versions of the CM fonts.
Make editorial marks on a document.
Lilypond code in Cont.
A Go system in Cont.
Copy and paste into and across documents.
Add index entries to document.
Reading data from CSV files.
Change format of \today with commands for current time.
Use the DC fonts with old-style numerals.
Virtual fonts to provide T1 encoding.
A distribution of the DC fonts for em.
Double space environment.
Obsolete graphics inclusion macros.
A tutorial on figures in 2.09.
Patches for .
Add support for dvips+ps2pdf, XeLaTeX, dvipdfmx to the ocgx package.
Alternative fontloaders for luaotfload.
A web2C-based system for MS-Windows32.
French macros, usable stand-alone or with Babel.
Professional typesetting of French documents.
Gentium font and support files.
A flexible list-parsing macro with configurable parsing character.
Create a glossary.
Change page size wherever it's safe.
Hyphenation patterns for the Hungarian language.
Half-width katakana fonts.
Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese fonts.
Deprecated packages from koma-script.
Check the existence of labels, and fork accordingly.
Old, unsupported, .
Unofficial reference manual for .
A program to generate graphs.
Obsolete package for Greek in text.
(pdf) support for the Libertine family of fonts.
Macros for Springer books.
Control of the page grid.
utility macros.
A letter-generator that produces output.
for the Macintosh.
Extensions to \marginpar handling.
Use PostScript Palatino for typesetting maths.
Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) for text and maths.
Use Times as default text font, and provide maths support.
Notes in tables or images.
Multimedia inclusion package.
Adobe Type 1 versions of MusiX fonts.
Obsolete version of ntheorem.
style for Kluwer's Numerical Algorithms.
macros for numbering lines.
Type 1 versions of Old Standard fonts with support.
A wide-character-set extension of .
pdf designed to run with Oz.
Assorted macros for Physicists.
Early macros for using AMS fonts.
PNG to PDF converter.
Make files from Adobe Type 1 files.
Use PostScript commands inside a pdf document.
Use PostScript fonts by default.
Drawing pictures using PostScript specials.
PostScript picture support.
Package for writing a thesis at Penn State University.
PT Sans font and support.
PT Serif font and support.
Zapf Chancery as calligraphic math alphabet.
PostScript (Adobe Type 1) fonts in QX layout.
Set an entire document raggedright.
Remove counters from reset list.
Styles for various Physics Journals (old version).
Styles for various Physics Journals.
Generate entries for IETF RFCs.
Redefines the plain pagestyle.
Place text over PSTricks objects without obscuring background colors.
Draw programs like “scratch”.
A comprehensive (SI) units package.
Deprecated: Figures divided into subfigures.
Obfuscate email addresses (now obsolete).
Standard package for activating ec fonts.
Obsolete distribution for Unix/Linux.
32-bit 3.14 compiled for MS-DOS 386/486 computers.
A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions with answers.
Bidirectional extension of .
Select Adobe Times Roman (or equivalent) as default font.
A simple macro package for PostScript transformations.
Make a new executable with format loaded.
Unpacked copy of the sources.
A comprehensive review of mathematics in .
Set page sizes.
Document classes for Vaxjo University.
A set of symbols.
Em for windows.
Support for colour in XeLaTeX.
Additions to Yannis Haralambous' Old German decorative initials.
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