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Epspdftk is a GUI ps/eps/pdf converter. Epspdf, its command-line
backend, can be used by itself.

For Windows MiKTeX users, the epspdf-setup package installs a
version of epspdftk which requires no additional software beyond
MiKTeX. This is due to an embedded tclkit Tcl/Tk runtime. It
replaces the standard epspdf package.

TeX Live already includes a tclkit runtime for Windows, so there is
less reason to install the epspdf-setup package.

The epspdf package itself is licensed under GPL version 2.
The Tcl/Tk runtime is covered by a variety of free licenses.

The files comprising the program, including the license files, can
be unpacked without installing with a command
  7z x epspdf.x.x.x.exe
Replace the x characters with the appropriate digits.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (4.4M).

epspdf-setup – epspdftk with GUI installer

epspdf-setup is a Windows installer for epspdf and epspdftk. It replaces the epspdftk from the plain epspdf package with a version which runs out of the box on Windows, as long as there is a installation. On other platforms, the plain epspdf package should suffice.

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerSiep Kroonenberg
TopicsGraphics EPS/PDF
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