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            l2x -- conversion from LaTeX to other formats
                             Version 1.4

                         Henning Schulzrinne
                              GMD Fokus
                           Berlin, Germany


1 Description


    is a general-purpose LaTeX  converter. It  consists  of  a  parser
   written  in C, which then calls Tcl functions for each LaTeX  func-
   tion.  The Tcl functions return the translated value.

2 Installation

   The newest version of this package is available by anon. ftp. It is
   a  gzip'ed tar file. You must have the Tcl libraries installed, for
   example obtained by anonymous ftp. Edit the

   for the correct location of the Tcl library and include  files  and


3 Usage

   To translate the LaTeX  file

    using the translator



     l2x foo.tcl < paper.tex

   The application

    is a filter that removes blank lines and, with the

    flag specified, initial blank space on lines. It is  intended  for
   nroff conversion. The application

    removes extra blank lines from the beginning of a page and is  due
   to Jon Postel.  The script

    processes an RFC or Internet Draft, including the necessary strip-
   ping of backspaces and the conversion of FORMFEED to real formfeeds

   Currently, the following example translators are provided:

   l2html.tcl Convert input to a single HTML file.

   ms.tcl Convert to nroff/troff -ms macros.  Currently converts to  a
        format  suitable  for FAQs and READMEs (no page breaks or page
        numbers), but that is readily changed.

4 Limitations

   Currently, only a subset of LaTeX  commands is supported. Many  are
   easy  to  add,  but  the  following might require more work, albeit
   mostly limited to writing new Tcl functions:

        o  For conversion to HTML, math mode is supported  by  calling
         LaTeX and including the GIF image.

        o  The \newenvironment
          command is not supported.

        o  Table of contents, etc. are not supported in nroff.

5 Examples

   To convert nroff output to plain ASCII, without underscores, use

     l2x ms.tcl < foo.tex | nroff -ms | ul -tdumb > foo.txt

6 Copyright

   Copyright (c) 1994 Henning Schulzrinne

   All rights reserved.

   Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or  without
   modification,  are permitted provided that the following conditions
   are met:

        1.    Redistribution for direct commercial gain requires prior

        2.    Redistributions of source code  must  retain  the  above
             copyright notice, this list of conditions and the follow-
             ing disclaimer.

        3.    Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the  above
             copyright notice, this list of conditions and the follow-
             ing disclaimer in the documentation and/or other  materi-
             als provided with the distribution.

        4.    All advertising materials mentioning features or use  of
             this software must display the following acknowledgement:
             This  product  includes  software  developed  by  Henning

   This software is provided by the author(s) "as is" and any  express
   or  implied  warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied
   warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular  purpose
   are  disclaimed.  In  no event shall the contributors be liable for
   any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequen-
   tial damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substi-
   tute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or  business
   interruption)  however  caused  and  on  any  theory  of liability,
   whether in contract, strict liability, or  tort  (including  negli-
   gence  or  otherwise)  arising  in  any  way out of the use of this
   software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

l2x – to ASCII

L2x is a general-purpose converter. It consists of a parser written in C, which then calls Tcl functions for each function. The Tcl functions return the translated value. A number of Tcl functions are provided: for example l2html.tcl (for HTML file output) and ms.tcl (for nroff/troff -ms macros).

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Copyright1994 Henning Schulzrinne
MaintainerHenning Schulzrinne
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