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LGrind - a source pretty printer for LaTeX
Version 3.67

Welcome to LGrind. LGrind is a descendant of the Unix utility vgrind. It is
used to produce a beautified version of your source code using LaTeX. Unlike
other packages this is not pure TeX but an external preprocessor. You run e.g.
    lgrind example.c > example.tex
    latex example.tex
to get a complete listing. Options for producing includable files and pro-
cessing embedded listings in LaTeX texts are provided.

What you need: (Installation part 2)
- lgrind        (or lgrind.exe) just where you like it
- lgrind.sty    somewhere in LaTeXs reach
- lgrindef      anywhere; (position is semi-fixed in the executable)
- LaTeX2e       the obsolete LaTeX 2.09 is not supported
- LGrind utilizes by default the fancyhdr package by Piet van Oostrum. You
  can change this behaviour by modifying the lgrindef file.

How to get these files: (Installation part 1)
- If your executable is not provided, all the  source files are in the source
  directory, a makefile provided.
- Run LaTeX or TeX on lgrind.ins. You will obtain lgrind.sty.
- Or simply run make in the top directory. This also gives lgrind.sty

Main documentation is in lgrind.dtx. Run LaTeX on lgrind.dtx and the result is
lgrind.dvi. There are also manpages lgrind.1 and lgrindef.5 for people who
prefer those, but notice that I am not always able to keep them up to date.
To right the wrong impression: parts of the documentation have been written
by my predecessors, my thanks to them.

Files in the directories:
lgrind.ins      DocStrip driver
lgrind.dtx      Documented package
lgrind.gls      Glossary and index for the documentation (for the ones with-
lgrind.ind        out MakeIndex, and because it had to be modified by hand)
lgrindef        The language definition file

In the directory 'source':
lgrind.c        The source code for the LGrind executable
v2lg.c          Source code for verbatim to embedded source converter
retest.c        Test program for the regular expression routines
lgrind.1        Man-pages for the LGrind program
lgrindef.5                and the language definition file
Makefile        Makefile for Unices
makefile.dos    Makefile for MS-DOS (not tested anymore)
makefile.emx    Makefile for use with DMAKE

In the directory 'example':
c2tex.bat       Example batch files for facilitating calls to LGrind
c2tex           ditto as Bourne shell scripts
egmasm.asm      Example sources
subst           Example substitution file
lgrindeg.tex    Example making use of the above

Comments, contributions, questions and cheques
LGrind contains non-free code written by Van Jacobson, who does not answer
to any request for changing his licence. This software is therefore not
maintained. I also do not accept any cheques anymore.

Have Fun!

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (240.2k).

lgrind – Produce beautiful listings of source code with

LGrind is a descendant of the Unix utility vgrind. It prepares various programming language source code (e.g., C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, Modula-2, Fortran, RATFOR Yacc, PostScript, Prolog, MLisp, Icon, , Perl, CSH Bourne Shell, assembler, 68000 assembler, asm68, VMS assembler, ISP, LDL, Linda, MODEL, MatLab, Russell) for pretty-printing within . Options for producing includable files and processing embedded listings in texts are provided.

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