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This topic con­tains pack­ages with in­put en­cod­ing sup­port for en­gines.

Sup­port for vari­ant code pages
Use dif­fer­ent code pages for in­put
Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of in­pu­tenc for Ger­man
LICR macros and en­cod­ing def­i­ni­tion files for Greek
Greek en­cod­ing sup­port for in­pu­tenc
Guarani sup­port
En­hanced in­put en­cod­ing han­dling
An ob­so­lete means to use ISO 8859-1 with
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-1 use
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-2 use
In­pu­tenc en­cod­ing for ver­ba­tim ISO 8859-3 use
Ob­so­lete pack­age for Greek in text
Re­plac­ing in­pu­tenc for use in Lua
Sup­port for mul­ti­ple char­ac­ter sets and en­cod­ings
Def­i­ni­tions of the mean­ing of Uni­code char­ac­ters
Re­move in­cor­rect lig­a­tures in Ger­man doc­u­ments
In­put en­cod­ing with fall­back pro­ce­dures
Semi-au­to­matic de­tec­tion of in­put en­cod­ing
Stan­dard pack­age for ac­ti­vat­ing ec fonts
Viet­namese Win­dows sup­port
Ex­tended UTF-8 in­put en­cod­ing sup­port for
Ger­man in­put en­cod­ings in
Ex­tended UTF-8 in­put en­cod­ing for
Giv­ing mean­ing to var­i­ous Uni­code space char­ac­ters
Ver­ba­tim, in­ter­pret­ing non-ascii text
in­put map for Uni­code De­vana­gari
in­put maps for Uni­code Ti­betan
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