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This topic con­tains pack­ages for more than one col­umn on the page.

Ad­just­ing mar­gins for mul­ti­col­umn and sin­gle col­umn out­put
Balanced two-col­umn mode
Balance dou­ble-col­umn sec­tions in
Mix­ing onecol­umn and twocol­umn modes
Dou­ble-col­umn page macros for Plain
Balanc­ing columns at last page
Con­trol of the page grid
Mix­ing onecol­umn and twocol­umn modes at any place of page
In­ter­mix sin­gle and mul­ti­ple columns
Put suc­ces­sive para­graphs in dif­fer­ent columns
Three-col­umn newslet­ter out­put
out­put in three columns
Knuth's two-col­umn out­put macros
Vari­able-width mul­ti­ple text columns
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