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Alexander I. Rozhenko

Add commands to package after it's loaded
Support dynamic counters
Extended "description" lists
A range of dash commands for compound words
Fill free space with a pattern
Adds footnote levels to the standard LaTeX's footnote mechanism
A collection of general packages for LaTeX
Elaborate box commands
Use comma as decimal separator in mathematics
Compose dashed lines
Another theorem environment
"Poor man's" blackboard bold
An extended general-purpose class
Extensive control of page headers and footers
Extended mathematics capabilities
User-generated footnote marks
Extensions of the LaTeX float mechanisms
Modify skips between paragraphs
Draw cropmarks on the output page
Crop-marked boxes
A re-implementation of sections, captions and tocs
Extend the graphicx package for more formats
Control the text area dynamically
An un-numbered top level section
Centring (and other) Page Layout
Draw "watermarks" on the output page
Insert a stretch between each token of a string
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