CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Harald Harders

Mul­tilin­gual bib­li­ogra­phies
Class for pro­duc­ing books for the pub­lisher “Teub­ner Ver­lag”
Print a coloured con­tour around text
Warn for split foot­notes
Ger­man vari­ants of stan­dard BibTeX styles
Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of in­pu­tenc for Ger­man
The hf­bright fonts
Old style nu­mer­als with EC fonts
Print vec­tors, ma­tri­ces, and ten­sors
Tune the out­put for­mat of dates ac­cord­ing to lan­guage
Print ta­bles and gen­er­ate con­trol files to ad­just kern­ings
Prints the ver­sion and date of a class or style file
Left and right sub­scripts and su­per­scripts in math mode
De­fines a \make­box* com­mand
Type­set miller in­dices
Print num­bers in non-dec­i­mal bases
Print num­bers with sep­a­ra­tors and ex­po­nent if nec­es­sary
In­hibit use of non-ams­math math­e­mat­ics markup when us­ing ams­math
Print lengths us­ing spec­i­fied units
Re­peat items in an in­dex af­ter a page or col­umn break
Ac­cess dif­fer­ent-shaped small-caps fonts
Sub-num­ber­ing for fig­ures and ta­bles
Deal with sub­strings in strings
Us­ing TrueType fonts with sys­tems
Print a ty­po­graphic grid
Global warn­ings at the end of the log­file
Daily plan­ner type cal­en­dar
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