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CTAN package update – hyperref v6.75a

Date: August 1, 2006 1:02:08 PM CEST
Heiko Oberdiek writes: > I have uploaded the new hyperref version to the tug server: > ftp://ftp.tug.org/pub/tex/hyperref/ > AFAIK this will be automatically mirrored to > CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/hyperref/ i have forced the mirror to run, and pushed the result out to other ctan sites. (otherwise, the update would not have happened until some time in the small hours of tomorrow morning.) hyperref, as almost everybody probably knows, is the package of choice for constructing hyper-references within latex documents; changes in this latest version are listed below. thanks, Heiko, for this new version of your very important package. Robin Fairbairns For the CTAN team > Most important changes regarding installation: > * hyperref-tds.zip contains the files in a TDS tree. > * Additional dependencies: > CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek/refcount.pdf > CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek/kvoptions.pdf > > >From ChangeLog: > > 2006-08-01 6.75a Heiko Oberdiek > * 6.75a > * hyperref-tds.zip provided with files sorted in a TDS tree. > * New option defaults: > * plainpages=false > * pdfpagelabels=true > * Package kvoptions defines \ProcessOptionsWithKV under > the name \ProcessKeyvalOptions. It replaces > hyperref's macro \ProcessOptionsWithKV. > * Some code for extracting reference information is put > into package refcount that is now loaded by nameref > and hyperref. > * \setbookmarksdepth: The depth of the outline entries > can now set separatly from counter "tocdepth", > see README. > * New option: pdfescapeform, see README. > * \hyper at normalise for action attribute in forms. > * \ProcessOptionsWithKV: \let\CurrentOption\@empty added. > * "bordercolor" options now support package xcolor (>=1.11). > * "color" options also support the optional argument (color > model) of \color. > * New option "pdfborderstyle" that allows the setting of the > border style dictionary. (Be aware that the support of this > feature by PDF viewers is limited.) > Example: underlined links can be obtained by > pdfborderstyle={/S/U} > * Direct low level bookmark support for \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} > and "uftf8x" of package "ucs". Byte sequences until three > bytes are supported and e-TeX is required. > (No support for surrogates). > * Fix in \addcontentsline, if option verbose is set. > * Better bookmark support for FrenchPro package > by use of \if at mid@expandable (Bernard Gaulle <gaulle at idris.fr>). > * Options "pdfcreationdate" and "pdfmoddate" added. > * README: Section "Limitations" added with "Broken Link Support". > * Default driver setting: added missed code of corresponding > options (Thanks for Arnaud Giersch <arnauld.giersch at free.fr>). > * \penalty10000 added in \Hy at raisedlink to cancel the > effect of \smash in preventing hyphenation, e.g. a footnote > after a word. > * \@classoptionslist can be \relax (see psnfss/3773). > * \new at ifnextchar also disabled for bookmarks and > constructs such as \let\if...\if{true,false} are catched, > see latex/3662. > * Bug fix: The case "\part without number by counter secnumdepth" > was forgotten for the bookmarks (thanks to Rachel Elizabeth Dillon). > * Bug fix: \vpageref defines undefined references with > empty anchor name that breaks \autoref. > * Fix: Wrong message about setting of draft fixed, > if option final is used. > * Pdfmark driver: better removal of pdfmark stuff, > especially generated by forms, if the postscript > application does not define pdfmark, e.g. because the > output is not pdf (gs >= 8.0). > * New version numbering scheme of pdfTeX >= 1.30. > * Fix for \hyper at normalise, if & is used inside \href > in tabular environments. > * Fix: Setting pdfproducer in \usepackage's option part > did'nt have an effect, because it was overwritten by > the default setting. > * Fix: pageanchor=false disabled \@hyperfixhead and thus > many other features unrelated to pageanchor itself. > (Thanks to Hendri Adriaens for report and analysis.) > Now pageanchor can be changed during the document, too. > * Protection of strings that are written as PS/PDF strings. > * Hook \Hy at setouterhbox for package setouterhbox. > * Option plainpages: \thepage is run through \pdfstringdef. > Helps in the case of spanish roman numbers. > * Deprecate warning for option 'dvipdf'. > * \ding replaced by its code for dropping the dependency on > package pifont and a compatibility problem with package > pinyin (Werner Lemberg). > * \hyper at normalise: "\\" is escape for "\" (\href, ...). > * Bug fix (debian 351260) in float support by Braun Gabor. > * Fix: Write register for bookmarks is only allocated if needed. > * Empty Unicode strings without Unicode header bytes. > * Fix for pdfmark+unicode+pdfpagelabels. > * Bug fix for empty destination names of pdfmark based drivers. > * Documentation: option hyperfootnotes added. > * French texts (\HyLang at french) provided by Marc-Antoine Parent. > * README: compatibility entries for packages ellipsis, verse. > * \hyper at normalize: support of active dollar. > * puenc.def: some fixes, reported by Ralf Stubner. > * Makefile no longer provided. > * nameref 2.24: Patch for ifthen moved from hyperref to nameref. > * nameref 2.24: Definitions of \filedate and \fileversion removed. > * nameref 2.23: Support for captions added. > * nameref 2.22: > Fix: \@safe at activestrue limited to label name. > * backref 1.25: New feature \ifbackrefparscan/\backrefprint > * backref 1.25: Definitions of \filedate and \fileversion removed. > * backref 1.24: [#1] --> [{#1}] > * Documentation: README.pdf and ChangeLog.pdf added.

oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek

The bundle comprises packages to provide:

  • aliascnt: ‘alias counters’;
  • bmpsize: get bitmap size and resolution data;
  • centernot: a horizontally-centred \not symbol;
  • chemarr: extensible chemists’ reaction arrows;
  • classlist: record information about document class(es) used;
  • colonequals: poor man’s mathematical relation symbols;
  • dvipscol: dvips colour stack management;
  • engord: define counter-printing operations producing English ordinals;
  • eolgrab: collect arguments delimited by end of line;
  • flags: setting and clearing flags in bit fields and converting the bit field into a decimal number;
  • holtxdoc: extra documentation macros;
  • hopatch: safely apply package patches;
  • hypbmsec: bookmarks in sectioning commands;
  • hypcap: anjusting anchors of captions;
  • hypdestopt: optimising hyperref’s pdf driver destinations;
  • hypdoc: hyper-references in the standard doc package;
  • hypgotoe: experimental package for links to embedded files;
  • hyphsubst: substitute hyphenation patterns;
  • ifdraft: switch for option draft;
  • iflang: provides expandable checks for the current language;
  • pagegrid: prints a page grid in the background;
  • pagesel: select pages of a document for output;
  • pdfcolfoot: using pdf’s color stack for footnotes;
  • pdfcol: macros for setting and maintaining new color stacks;
  • pdfcolparallel: fixes colour problems in package parallel;
  • pdfcolparcolumns: fixes colour problems in package parcolumns;
  • pdfcrypt: setting PDF encryption;
  • pdfrender: control PDF rendering modes;
  • protecteddef: define a command that protected against expansion;
  • resizegather: automatically resize overly large equations;
  • rotchiffre: performs simple rotation cyphers;
  • scrindex: redefines environment ‘theindex’ of package ‘index’, if a class from KOMA-Script is loaded;
  • setouterhbox: set \hbox in outer horizontal mode;
  • settobox: getting box sizes;
  • soul and adds some support for UTF-8;
  • stackrel: extensions of the \stackrel command;
  • stampinclude: selects the files for \include by inspecting the timestamp of the .aux file(s);
  • tabularht: tabulars with height specification;
  • tabularkv: key value interface for tabular parameters;
  • telprint: print German telephone numbers;
  • thepdfnumber: canonical numbers for use in PDF files and elsewhere;
  • twoopt: commands with two optional arguments;

Each of the packages is represented by two files, a .dtx (documented source) and a PDF file; the .ins file necessary for installation is extracted by running the .dtx file with Plain .

Version 2019-12-29
MaintainerHeiko Oberdiek



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