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Date: January 3, 2024 8:46:18 PM CET
Sašo Živanović submitted an update to the Memoize package. Version number: 1.1.0 2024-01-02 License type: lppl1.3c Summary description: Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general Announcement text:
* Improved extraction scripts: * respect `TEXMF_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY`; * respect `openin_any` and `openout_any`; * implement `--format`; * improve error reporting; * drop the `Path::Class` dependency for the Perl script; * allow for `PDF::Builder` in the Perl script; * implement `--library` in the Perl script; * set an appropriate exit code on exit; * and several further minor changes. * Remove key `path` in favour of `prefix`. * `mkdir` is now initially `true`, but the directory is only created if `mkdir command` is non-empty (and it is empty initially). The definition of `(no) memo dir` is accordingly simpler. * The directory name is now appended to the value `mkdir command` when constructing the system call. * A workaround for compatibility with package `morewrites`. * Process package options using the new LaTeX mechanism to avoids the issue of spaces in package options. The remaining issue of `/` is addressed by implementing option `options`. * Add the missing commands to `nomemoize` and `memoizable`, and implement a generic variant of the latter (`memoizable.code.tex`). * Implement auto-key `to context`. * Write a c-memo even upon abortion. * Demote warning messages "memoization aborted" & "marked as unmemoizable" to info messages. * Implement biblatex support. * Support `\DiscardShipoutBox`. * Advance the counter underlying `\pgfpictureid` when utilizing a `tikzpicture` (`memoize tikz`). * Remove the `\pgfsys at getposition` hack for `tikzpicture`s.
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Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Ina Dau --

Memoize – Externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general

Memoize is a package for externalization of graphics and memoization of compilation results in general, allowing the author to reuse the results of compilation-intensive code. Memoize (i) induces very little overhead, as all externalized graphics is produced in a single compilation. It features (ii) automatic recompilation upon the change of code or user-adjustable context, and (iii) automatic externalization of TikZ pictures and Forest trees, easily extensible to other commands and environments. Furthermore, Memoize (iv) supports cross-referencing, TikZ overlays and Beamer, (v) works with all major engines and formats, and (vi) is adaptable to any workflow.

Version1.3.0 2024-04-02
Copyright2020–2024 Saso Zivanovic
MaintainerSašo Živanović



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