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Date: April 4, 2019 8:13:24 PM CEST
Khaled Hosny submitted an update to the libertinus-fonts package. Version: 6.8 2019-04-03 License: ofl Summary description: The Libertinus font family Announcement text:
3 April 2019 (Khaled Hosny) <Libertinus> Version 6.8 - Fix missing “math” OpenType script from Libertinus Math. - Add \QED symbol to Libertinus Math, also add Add ⦇ (U+2987) and ⦈ (U+2988). - Fix mis-encoded glyphs in Libertinus Serif Semibold Italic. - Make digits fitted in Libertinus Serif Initials font, and drop incomplete Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew support. - Add U+AB52 and U+A793 to Libertinus Serif Regular. 3 April 2019 (Khaled Hosny) <Libertinus> Version 6.7 - Add Cyrillic to Libertinus Serif Bold Italic. - Many character additions to Libertinus Math. - Set “is extended shape” flag to relevant Libertinus Math glyphs to fix script position on large symbols in Microsoft Word. - Improve \coloneq and \eqcolon by increasing the space between the colon and the equal sign. - Make upright \partial and \mbfpartial look upright, and make \mbfpartial really bold. - Make the vertical bars in Libertinus Math match the height of the other delimiters. - Use smaller value for SubscriptBaselineDropMin, the subscripts applied to sub formulas were positioned too low. - Fix the side bearings for italic mathematical glyphs in Libertinus Math, making them symmetrical (20 units) and rework kerning tables according to text font kerning. - Fix vertical variants of math symbols. - Add more ligatures to Libertinus Serif, and add missing ligatures to other Libertinus Serif fonts for parity with the regular style. - Move Th ligature to Discretionary Ligatures (“dlig”). - Discretionary Ligatures can also be enable using ZWJ control character. - Drop “fina” feature for Greek sigma, this feature is for Arabic-like scripts. - Move short f substitutions to the more appropriate “calt” feature instead of “ccmp”. - Drop “nalt” feature as all glyphs it substitutes to are encoded Unicode characters that can be accessed directly. - Rename font files to match the PostScript name of each font. - Make Libertinus Serif Semibold work on legacy applications that support only 4 styles per family. - Fix disordered BlueValues causing warnings with Ghostscript. - Make the PUA symbols that were in Libertinus Keyboard accessed as ligatures. - Align the bottom of the colon with the period. - Kern alternate W glyph similar to regular one. - Harmonize the design of italic figures. - Extend caps lining figures to (almost) all Serif faces and both proportional and tabular spacing. - Fix Libertinus Serif Italic ђ, it looked like an т. - Make few marks that combine two glyphs higher, so that they don’t bump into glyph ascenders. - Lower Libertinus Mono asterisk and make it bigger. - Make combining low line and over line contiguous. - Make OpenType features more consistent across fonts.
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/libertinus-fonts The package’s files themselves can be inspected at http://mirror.ctan.org/fonts/libertinus-fonts/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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libertinus-fonts – The Libertinus font family

This is a fork of the Linux Libertine and Linux Biolinum fonts that started as an OpenType math companion of the Libertine font family, but grown as a full fork to address some of the bugs in the fonts.

The family consists of:

  • Libertinus Serif: forked from Linux Libertine.
  • Libertinus Sans: forked from Linux Biolinum.
  • Libertinus Mono: forked from Linux Libertine Mono.
  • Libertinus Math: an OpenType math font for use in OpenType math-capable applications like Lua, or MS Word 2007+.

Version7.040 2021-02-26
Copyright2003–2012 Philipp H. Poll
2012–2021 The Libertinus Project Authors
MaintainerCaleb Maclennan
Khaled Hosny (inactive)



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