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Originally written by Karl Berry, 2022. Public domain.

This directory, Build/source/texk/bibtex-x, contains the sources for
bibtex8 (supporting 8-bit character sets) and bibtexu (supporting

See the 00* and 01* files, and the man pages, for what documentation
there is about the programs. (Not much.)

History: bibtex8 was written first, by Niel Kempson and Alejandro
Aguilar-Sierra, ca.1996. bibtexu was derived from bibtex8 by Yannis
Haralambous and his students, ca.2009. Peter Breitenlohner integrated
bibtexu into TeX Live, and the Japanese TeX Development Community
(notably TANAKA Takuji) has brought it up to date in the years since.

Both are now maintained as part of TeX Live.
Please report bugs to tex-k@tug.org (https://lists.tug.org/tex-k).
For general discussion, use biblio@tug.org (https://lists.tug.org/biblio).



This CTAN source tree has been automatically extracted from the texk
Subversion repository at svn://tug.org/texlive/trunk/Build/source/texk/.

It is not possible to use the supplied configure script.
In fact, if you call it; you will be told as such.

This source can only be compiled in a texk build environment.
You will need to download the whole environment, please refer to

It all boils down to a Subversion checkout of
This will be the source tree that you can use for compilation. The
CTAN directory is there for archival and informational purpose.

For your convenience, the original configure script from the texk
source tree is available in this directory as configure.texk.

For the CTAN team,

    Joachim Schrod <jschrod@acm.org>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (511.3k).

bibtex8 – A fully 8-bit adaptation of 0.99

An enhanced, portable C version of . Enhanced by conversion to larger (32-bit) capacity, addition of run-time selectable capacity and 8-bit support extensions. National character set and sorting order are controlled by an external configuration file. Various examples are included.

Originally written by Niel Kempson and Alejandro Aguilar-Sierra, it is now maintained as part of Live.

Bug trackerhttps://lists.tug.org/tex-k
LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerThe Live Team
Niel Kempson (inactive)
Contained inTeX Live as bibtex8
MiKTeX as miktex-bibtex8bit-bin-2.9
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