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Directory fonts/CJK

In this directory you find bitmap font bundles for the CJK macro package for
LaTeX2e. These bitmaps are in the public domain.

Installation details can be found in the CJK documentation files and (after
unpacking) in $TEXMF/doc/fonts/{hbf,source}/<encoding>/package_name/README

Since the contained files are not outline fonts (i.e., neither TrueType
nor CFF nor Type 1), the use of this package is limited today, mainly
for backward compatibility so that you can compile old documents.

Here a table of the packages:

    han         Hangul syllables (in KS order) in various fonts taken from
                the former HLaTeX.

    han1        Hangul syllables (in KS order) in various fonts taken from
                the former jhTeX.

    hanja65     A KS font (taken from the new HLateX package) starting with
                character 0x4a21.

    jfs56       GB encoded font. Fangsong style.

    jisksp40    supplemental JIS (JIS X 0212) encoded font. Normal style.
                Most glyphs are taken from the CNS fonts, thus the font
                is rather song style (the BDF header says `normal').

    kanji48     JIS encoded font. Normal style.

    ntukai48    Big 5 encoded font. Kai style.

    cns40-7     CNS encoded font planes 1-7. Song style.

    cns40-b5    Big 5 encoded CNS font. This package needs cns40-1 - cns40-3
                for the bitmaps.


  1998-Aug-20:  Updated for CJK 4.2:

                  <language> subdirs renamed to <encoding>.

                  Small modifications to the hbf2gf .cfg files to make
                  use of hbf2gf's new file search routines.

  2005-Apr-05:  Fixed shapes of two glyphs in kanji48 and jisksp40.

Please send comments and suggestions to
    Werner Lemberg <wl@gnu.org>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (19.4M).

cjk-fonts – Chinese/Japanese/Korean bitmap fonts

Fonts to go with the cjk macro package for Chinese, Japanese and Korean with .

The package aims to supersede H fonts bundle.

LicensesPublic Domain Software
MaintainerWerner Lemberg
Contained inMiKTeX as cjk-fonts
CJK Font
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